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Friday, July 10, 2009

The Unmarked Deep


over us, stars and constellations,
their lights flare and die
like a snowflake in a dark sky
falling on water yet darker still,

beneath us, the doorways of the dark
open but for the shortest of time,
lights go out in its eternal rhyme
bringing a dark yet darker still,


when slipping into death, as bodies
slip into love or like the air
pierces each pore it feeds there,
the truth enters at the end of life,

when we become a lucid metaphor
for the meaning of something
now burned and buried to nothing,
like a falling star at the end of life,


the body's breath blends with the end
of the universe in each blood cell,
religions call for heaven or hell
but who knows the desires of the dark --

are we simple cares that turn to dust
or spirits taken by earthly bodies,
as relentlessly as life embodies
its own to match the desires of the dark?


no answer until we fall to sleep, and
souls take a dip in a dark, dark sea,
in the unmarked deep of mystery
hope takes us and flies away,

grief digs itself an unmarked grave,
lost in the loss of all joys,
into the nothingness of noise
life turns to smoke and flies away.

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