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Monday, August 31, 2009

Even More Tarkan News Quickies

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

TarkanIn another quick summary of recent Tarkan news coverage in the Turkish press for August, first up is an update on Tarkan's recently publicised 2009 autumn shows.

Although Russian news outlets are still writing that there will be a concert in Yekaterinburg instead of Moscow on 18 November, it is hoped that the confusion will soon be cleared as there are reports of a site opening up in September covering the arrival of the "Eastern Prince" to Russian shores.

There are plans for the site to host a variety of multimedia including photos, videos and music from Turkey's most famous star, while also allowing visitors to check listed venues and take part in a draw to win tickets.

In news of other concerts elsewhere, while the island of Cyprus is gearing up to welcome Tarkan for an October charity concert in its Turkish northern territories, the event has drawn some criticism from a Turkish Cypriot journalist.

Writing for paper KIBRIS, Ahmet Tolgay questioned whether bringing Tarkan to Nicosia for a quarter of a million Turkish pounds was the right thing to do, when the city's cultural centres were in need of renovation.

More Tarkan Talk

And as always, other artists continue to respond to questions about Tarkan in their own interviews, with singer/songwriter Serdar Ortaç once again commenting about Tarkan, this time in a report published by Gazeteport.

In response to the question why there seemed to be a division amongst popstars like Tarkan and himself, with domestic fans only listening to one or the other, Ortaç likened it to Formula One racing.

"It would be a nice idea [if there was more unity], as I am always for more tolerance. But even the three big names of Formula One, Mercedes, Ferrari and BMW race together for one cup.

"And at the end, the team that wins that day's cup gets up on the highest podium and raises the cup and the champagne... Simply put, being in competition is good and tasty. We've given you loads of cars to take pleasure in driving. And you must take advantage of them all," Ortaç is quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, in a Hürriyet report with Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti (posted to us by a reader complaining we failed to mention it), the artist told reporter Reha Erus that Turkey should appreciate Tarkan more.

Speaking about the Turkish popstar without having been asked about him first, the article dated 6 June 2009 reveals Ramazzotti's admiration for the Turkish popstar after having watched Tarkan perform.

"If only we could be like Tarkan. He's a beautiful man. Appreciate him, he's an amazing live performer.

"He is known in Italy more than you think," he went on to say in the two month old report. "I was in a mall the other day and they were playing his rhythmic "Dudu" song. I recognised it at once."

In other news, the host of the Haberturk TV show that female singer Sibel Can had appeared on - which has reportedly moved to CNN Türk for next season - has said she would like to have Tarkan on her talk show in a report with Akşam, while on another TV show Can speaks up for her close friend on Turkish TV again.

Screencap of Vatan reportIn a magazine story published by paper Vatan (pictured left), it reports that Can talked about Tarkan and America on the entertainment show.

"When I was in America last, they were playing Tarkan's songs over there. I see his CDs in the shops," Can said, emphasising that Tarkan loved his own country and wouldn't dream of parting from it.

"Could those American artists come over here and produce a Turkish album to the standard Tarkan produced an English one? I don't think so! Let them come and try!"

And finally...

Screencap of reportTo end with a small slice of gossip, it's been reported that Tarkan met with a road mishap the other week, while driving in uptown Istanbul in his brand new Porsche (pictured left).

It's claimed that the luxury vehicle's wheel blew during Tarkan's "full speed drive", forcing the star to stop and call a friend for help after waiting in the car "for hours".

Picking up the story from paper Güneş' gossip channels, other entertainment sites also ran with news of the incident, including a picture of the stranded star.

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