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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Tarkan News Quickies

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap report of EmirIn a recent run-down of Tarkan news coverage in the Turkish press, there comes hot gossip from celebrity news sources about Tarkan's own music label's newly signed singer Emir and Gülşen, who attended a private bash together and raved about each other (pictured left).

Sexy poplet - and Tarkan fan - Gülşen put question marks in people's heads by commenting Emir was "amazingly handsome" and that it was a pity she loved him like a brother.

"That might hopefully change," she said.

On the other side of the paparazzi page, news stories in the Turkish entertainment articles about Tarkan himself covers a wide range of subjects, including an article writing that, one of the wealthiest neighbourhoods of Istanbul, Bebek's most famous resident is Tarkan, to an article about a puppeteer who entertains children with a puppet of the singer in his shows.

This is not the first Tarkan puppet reported as the star has had his own shadow puppet made, while fashion reports document that Tarkan's image is being copied in other ways - the star has started a trend of men wearing fashionable bracelets in Turkey.

A Reported Celebrity

Tarkan with reportersAs the 5th most reported celebrity in Turkish media coverage over the last month, Tarkan has risen in surveys polling the public about celebrities most approachable and trustworthy, too - with commentators attributing this to the exposure gained over his recent nature campaign.

The popstar is also mentioned in a French article in his home nation's own campaign to further strengthen ties with Europe. Henri Lacour observes that Turkey is locked in a perception of two extremes by France - either as a picture of eastern despotism or of eastern delight through the songs of Tarkan.

Elsewhere Haberturk reports that biologist Mevlüt Durmuş, in pushing his theories that cholesterol is not the cause of heart disease, has mentioned "famous pop singer" Tarkan in his new publication Cholesterol and Mind Games.

Commenting on the singer's family history of high cholesterol - Tarkan's father died young from a heart attack - the biologist said that it didn't mean Tarkan was in danger of heart disease simply because he has high cholesterol like his father.

And in a report for paper Akşam with the "father" of Turkish pop music, composer and radio DJ Sezen Cumhur Önal - knighted by the French and Italian governments for his musical work in their countries - the fifties star heaped praise upon Turkish pop's most famous son.

"Tarkan is a world star," the celebrated artist said.

A Change of Projects

In other reports, while Hürriyet columnist Cengiz Semercioğlu reveals in his column that the Haberturk TV show Tarkan's close friend, female singer Sibel Can, appeared on recently has moved to CNN Türk for next season, the same paper also reports that a proposed joint project between singer Serdar Ortaç and Tarkan's music production company HITT is no longer going ahead.

In an entertainment story about Ortaç's show at this year's set of open air gigs for Avea, paper Hürriyet writes that Ortaç is rumoured to have refused a deal to host a weekly lottery show for the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT) because some news reports had described it as "Tarkan becoming Ortaç's boss".

Tarkan's manager Uygar Ataş is quoted in the report as refuting the rumoured reason for Ortaç pulling out, instead saying it was because they could not agree on working dates - with Ortaç wanting to start after the annual religious holiday of Ramadan was over.

More Tarkan Talk

Continuing with people talking Tarkan, while in an addenda to his column in left-wing newspaper Radikal, Kemal Yılmaz notes with some humour that after being fined for urinating in the street, actor Nejat İşler is the second celebrity after Tarkan to "relieve himself in public", businessman and singer Ibrahim Tatlıses spoke to paper Sabah's correspondent Savaş Ay - the journalist Tarkan told he wanted to pee when asked a question in 1994 - and mentioned Tarkan, too.

Even though his current albums haven't made half the sales of Tarkan's releases, including the popstar's double award-winning 2007 record Metamorfoz, Tatlıses had some advice for singers wanting longevity in their music career in the Sabah report.

"There's no permanency with newcomers ... look at the popstars [like] Tarkan ... ever year hundreds come out and they're gone in 2-3 years. And they fall into the trap of wanting to write their own songs. Look at Tarkan for example, he was great when he collaborated with others. Now he wants to solely sing his own compositions he has begun to lag behind."

Advancing his theory on Tarkan - who has recently made comments on TV picked up by the press that he will waive all fees for his future songs to charity as he did with singer Can - Tatlıses went on to say, "People like us ... what we can do, how much we can do is out there anyway. There are so many good song writers out there. When I catch a great tune I pay $100,000 without hesitation ... it sounds a lot but when I earn 2 million from it, with a return like that why shouldn't I pay that amount for a song?"

Finally, as entertainment correspondent Vehbi Dinçcan, writing for Güneş in his 6 August 2009 dated column, has taken to task a press-loving campy music club singer who has been making the entertainment headlines as a result of talking about Tarkan recently, Sabah reporter Sami Tosun does the same for an ex-model/actor who has found God.

Of the actor - who has made public comments that he is praying for Tarkan and wants to meet him - Tosun questions his motives, "Isn't it strange he goes on TV to say he's praying for A-list celebrities?

"Aren't we common humans worthy of a prayer?"

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