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Saturday, September 05, 2009

In Tarkan's Footsteps

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Recent news coverage including Turkey's famous popstar Tarkan sees other stars of the Turkish music industry working hard to follow in the artist's footsteps, including popular rock star Emre Aydın.

MTV EMA 2008 winner Emre Aydin holding his awardIn a report published by Turkish paper Hürriyet, 2008 MTV Europe Music Awards winner Aydın talks about the English language album he is working on in Sweden, and doesn't fail to notice he is following a path blazed out by the only contemporary Turkish pop artist to have topped the European charts.

Sounding out a little like Tarkan in his US magazine interview after the début of Come Closer in 2006, Aydın is quoted as saying that he really "doesn't want to go without making an English album."

He went on to say, "If no one listens, it isn't a problem. I'll listen to it at home. Apart from me, Tarkan did this. He was successful. He's really loved in Western countries. Sertab Erener [2003 Eurovision winner] did a little bit, too.

"I mean we're a population of seventy million. Apart from us every other country has stars doing international projects. Not us. Why doesn't more try?"

In a 2008 interview after winning the MTV Award, Aydın had spoken of Tarkan to say that the pop singer was an amazing man, with a star quality that outshone any of the artists he had seen at the awards ceremony.

Aydın had first been introduced at Tarkan Deluxe over three years ago by our Turkish rock music correspondent Teemeah Baksa, who has followed the highs and lows of Aydın during his rise to domestic fame.

Emir: Tarkan's Prince-in-Waiting?

Elsewhere, another singer following in Tarkan's footsteps - although much more closely and with the artist's full support - is one of Turkish pop's latest additions to the music industry, Emir.

Tarkan and EmirRecently spotted out at dinner with Tarkan - who signed the musical newcomer to his own music label HITT - they had met after their mutual friend and producer Ozan Çolakoğlu arranged a meeting between the two, at the insistence of the younger singer.

Being described by some music commentators as simply a clone of the famous star, while others see Emir as being readied to take Tarkan's pop music throne, the pop protégé has responded to critics in his own diplomatic style by calling Tarkan his generation's idol, and that it was "an honour" to be compared to him.

Meanwhile, Tarkan has lent his backing to the pop singer by penning him a song for his first album and briefly appearing in the music video to his track, too.

Watch Emir talk about Tarkan:

Report footage courtesy of Powerturk

Watch more: Emir's music video "Ben Sen Olamam" >>

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