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Friday, September 18, 2009

A Rose for Every Occasion

A Rose for Every Occasion

you are my woman,
written and unwritten lyric of imagination,
a rose's scent that grows even stronger
when pressed closer to union,
you are my soul's countryman
enriching my life further,
you are my land and I am your country
against all invasion --

you are a ritual, a habitual seduction
loaded with desire -- with due care
like a candle's flame you burn higher
to light up all vision, and whatever
the subject in question you
make all my poems into love
poems, for the more I love you
the more of you I find,

I have everything with you,
a woman with a constant invitation
to dance in your eyes, you are
a rose for every occasion
with thorny complexities and silky compassion,
and as fertile as nature,
a burning fission, giving immortality
through conjugation --

not uniquely carnal devotion,
no, not always is your beauty laid bare --
you keep our secrets that only lovers see,
you heal me or make me feverishly
burn, as you burn knowingly
with a fuel of knowledge
that is the source of me,
and my body and mind.

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