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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tarkan Doubled

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Armada Waxworks Exhibition September 2009

CNN Turk reports that a waxwork exhibition of 48 famous people, including a wax figure of Turkish popstar Tarkan, has gone on display at shopping mall Armada in the Turkish capital of Ankara opened 10 September (see left pic).

With the exhibition's theme as "Those Who Have Left a Mark on History", the article writes that the wax figures have been donated from the St. Petersburg Historical Museum of Waxworks, with recent celebrity additions including Turkish pop music's own legend, Tarkan.

The exhibition is making its way across major malls in the Turkish capital, having also been at the Kayseri Park shopping precinct, too.

Waxorks Exhibition at the Kayseri Park Mall in Ankara, Turkey

Tarkan fans in Turkey interested in checking out the popstar's waxwork can see the exhibition at the Armada in Ankara, which will run for the next two months until the beginning of December.

Tarkan Protégé's Second Video Single

Continuing on with another Tarkan likeness - but a much more livelier one - newcomer singer Emir has released a second video single to song "Eline Düştüm" composed by popular Greek songwriter Phoebus with lyrics by female singer-songwriter Yıldız Tilbe, who also provides backing vocals in the track.

Tilbe had revealed in a TV report in May that she has collaborated with Tarkan on two songs for an album that is rumoured to have now been delayed until 2010, although whether her songs will make the final cut is unknown at time of writing.

Emir - who has recently topped one of the Turkish nation's most important charts with Tarkan's song "Ben Sen Olamam" - was snapped by Tarkan's music label HITT after their mutual friend and producer Ozan Çolakoğlu brought them together.

Meanwhile, the Greek composer of "Eline Düştüm" is said to be so enamoured of Emir's interpretation that it's rumoured offers have already been made to the young singer to consider more of his songs for a second album.

Watch Emir's "Eline Düştüm":

Once again under the direction of popular choice Murad Küçük, with cinematography by American director of photography Robert Benavides this time, the video has started to be distributed online and on TV.

The video was shot in a small scenic fishing village called Anadolu Kavağı on Macar Bay, the last stop on the Asian side of Istanbul on the Bosporus Strait.

Audio starts a few seconds after footage

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