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Monday, September 21, 2009

Tarkan: I Don't Want to Sound Turkish

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Ozan Colakoglu
"Tarkan is confused"; the artist's music
producer Ozan Çolakoğlu
Journalist Mehmet Tez - who once called Tarkan Turkey's last greatest star, but has since become a prolific Tarkan critic - has recently spoken to Tarkan's long-time friend and producer Ozan Çolakoğlu about Tarkan and their collaborations together.

Tez writes that the producer got in touch with him over an article the music commentator wrote this month criticising both Tarkan and Çolakoğlu over rumours that a new album had been scrapped on the say so of female singer/songwriter Sezen Aksu.

From the resulting in-depth September 2009 interview, published by Turkish paper Milliyet, music producer Çolakoğlu reveals the pressures both he and Tarkan are under for a follow up album to 2007's Metamorfoz - an album that he says "he has problems with", calling it a forced collaboration.

You can read the interview, in full and in English, at Tarkan Translations.

"Tarkan Wants to Free Himself From Turkish Melodies"

Seemingly confirming Tarkan Deluxe correspondent Mark Mayhey's article published two months ago about the album's production sounding strained in places, Çolakoğlu comes across as eager to give his own view in the article.

Revealing that working with Tarkan has never been easy, the man who has collaborated with Tarkan since the recording artist's début album in 1992 said in the report that he doesn't like to simply copy and paste the latest music trends, or make an artist sound forced.

Suggesting that following or setting the latest sound should be the object of young artists, he said, "But there comes a time when you're forced to do it.

"You have to try and make things fit together," he is quoted as saying about his 2007 work with Tarkan, which ended up winning the highest accolades for sales in 2009.

And alongside discussing the stress of meeting the high expectations working with a star of Tarkan's calibre brings, Çolakoğlu laid to rest the rumours surrounding a seventh original Turkish language studio release, saying that the project had not been scrapped because of Aksu.

Explaining that Tarkan was creatively confused and this confusion had affected him, too, he emphasised that he personally had no bias towards any genre of music, but that Tarkan wanted to free himself from Turkish melodies.

The star, who had once argued with the late US music mogul Ahmet Ertegun about wanting to use more Turkish motifs in his earlier English language project, Çolakoğlu now claims wants to purge himself of his ethnic identity in his music, explaining that this was why Tarkan took out some of the songs from his latest project.

"When we went to Sezen Aksu to complete the songs ... she suggested a similar thing ... so he felt he had been right to want to go in another musical direction," he said.

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