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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tarkan News Entertainment Bytes

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportA quick look at news reports that mention Tarkan sees close friend and wealthy playboy Ali Ağaoğlu reveal that he is ready to sponsor Tarkan should he wish to release a Turkish classical album (see left pic).

The interview with Ağaoğlu writes that he is a big fan of Turkish classical music, and would support Tarkan financially should he want to release such an album to energise the centuries old genre.

Tarkan had given a special show on the land site of Ağaoğlu's My Towerland project at the start of the summer to promote the scheduled construction of the developer's latest residential project in Istanbul.

In a recent report with another close friend of Tarkan, and his music producer since the start of his professional career, it was said that Tarkan had intended to release such an album, but had changed his mind - wanting to free himself from classic Turkish melodies.

Singer Support for Tarkan

Yildiz Tilbe's MohawkMeanwhile, after the commotion caused by Tarkan's new hairstyle, female singer-songwriter Yıldız Tilbe has come out in support of the harassed popstar by sporting a cropped mohawk of her own at a recent concert (pictured left).

Tilbe had revealed in a TV report in May that she has collaborated with Tarkan on two songs for an album that is rumoured to have now been delayed until 2010.

Although whether her songs will make the final cut of a Tarkan album is unknown at time of writing, she is also in the charts with a song she helped write for new singer and Tarkan protégé, Emir.

The young singer, who has recently released a video single to the track co-written by Tilbe, has also been the subject of a few entertainment reports, which by their nature feature Tarkan.

Who Needs a New Tarkan?

In a post from a Milliyet blogger going by the nick of Mademoiselle Kokos, the late twenty-something female gives a blistering attack on Emir and Tarkan.

Although not a reporter or music commentator, the personal post shows the side of the Turkish psyche that sees Tarkan as a failure, with Emir simply a carbon copy of a once famous singer.

"Tarkan's death was 2-3 years ago, maybe further back. What's the use of resuscitating the corpse now?" she asks, but at the same time doesn't fail to advise the award-winning artist on how to "bring his career back from the dead" instead of "cloning himself" with a younger man.

While elsewhere, in a TV report for Kanal D, Emir shows that he refuses to be led by questions that try to create rifts between him and "his idol".

Watch more: Emir's music video "Ben Sen Olamam" >>

Pointing out in the report that he doesn't understand why the media in Turkey find it difficult to believe that a Turkish artist could be idolised similar to international artists like Madonna, when asked how he felt by being in Tarkan's shadow he replied, "happy if that shadow is Tarkan."

And Finally...

The restaurant that Tarkan dined at during a summer gig in Çeşme has been in the paper again, this time in a political post.

Although Tarkan is not the subject of the article, he still gets a mention as the restaurant is described as a popular haunt of the famous.

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