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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tarkan News Quickies Extra

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

As Tarkan fans and people in the media continue to air their views over Tarkan's hairstyle, Hürriyet correspondent Melike Karakartal has likened Tarkan's new look to a mix of Mr T, Rihanna and cartoon character Tintin.

"Is there anyone saying "Wow Tarkan's new hairstyle is amazing"? Please raise your hands if you're out there. I've got nothing to say about this new image. He look likes an amazing combination of Rihanna, Tintin and Mr T, as though he was inspired by all three and captured the perfect mix!"

The Most Talked About Mohican

Warming to her theme, reporter Karakartal goes on to state, "I wonder, is there anyone close to Tarkan that's brave enough to say to him "Tarkan this doesn't suit you"? Whatever this guy does, there is always someone in his ear saying "You're great, you're super, you're a tiger, it suits you so much," and he must believe them like a naive fool, otherwise what other explanation can there be for his new hair and choice of clothes..."

Screencap of reportMeanwhile, Tarkan's hairstyle has also made the major news stations, with NTV giving airtime to Tarkan's hair stylist to defend the star's choice of cut (see left pic).

Gülay Afşar's "News Central Weekend" for NTV hooked up via phone link with hair stylist Yıldırım Özdemir (pictured below), who said he didn't agree with the recent criticisms aimed at the pop star and that he had to act like this because it is expected of him to try new things.

Tarkan's hairstylist Yildirim Ozdemir"Before he went to America we had tried something similar. He had brushed that forward, this has been brushed back, but ultimately Tarkan isn't an ordinary guy and is crazy and can get away with things like this. I found it right for him. He has to have fun sometimes, too."

After Tarkan Deluxe attached the term "mohican" to the singer's new look in its own reports, NTV's Afşar asked Özdemir for his views on this particular description. He said, "Sometimes we try some interesting styles that the press don't find out about, but of course he can act more freely in America. If he was in Turkey he might not have been so quick to parade this look about."

Tarkan Over Exposed

Elsewhere, as Tarkan's friend and producer of nearly two decades reveals the dilemmas he faces working with the award-winning recording artist in the papers, another Turkish producer who has made his name with a string of hits this summer has spoken about Tarkan, too.

Speaking to Sabah, Volga Tamöz is of the opinion that Tarkan "isn't at the place he should be.

"He's a great singer, but he gives the impression that he is still singing like his first days. It's my personal opinion that he needs to streamline his vocals."

And finally, Turkish dancer Yaman Okur - who has started to make a name for himself in Turkey after dancing with Madonna on her latest tour, and reportedly teaching her an Islamic prayer - has said that his new manager's dancers have worked behind some of the greatest stars, too.

"My new manager's name is Ilhan Balamur. His dancers dance behind the greatest stars like Tarkan," he said.

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