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Friday, September 25, 2009

Tarkan's Hairdresser on CNN Turk

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

After speaking to news channel NTV about Tarkan's new look, the star's hairstylist Yıldırım Özdemir has been interviewed on the Haberturk TV show Tarkan's close friend, female singer Sibel Can, had appeared on a few months ago - and which has moved to CNN Turk for a new season.

Although the topic did not centre wholly around Tarkan's new haircut, it was obvious that the "hairstylist to the stars" Özdemir - although not fond of that term - had been invited to talk about the Turkish recording artist's hair.

On the subject of what he used to dictate fashion trends in hair, he revealed that he just went back twenty years to previous styles and reintroduced them with a modern twist. "It's the way we do it, even in the dress industry," he said.

In regards to the hair cut - which has caused such a sensation in Turkey that even reputable news channel CNN Turk has seen fit to invite the singer's stylist to talk about it - Özdemir said that they had tried something similar before he left for America, but the star had perfected the cut once in New York.

"But I like it. It suits him," Özdemir said, after female presenter Saba Tümer had said, "What doesn't suit a beautiful person?"

At one point while conducting the interview, Tümer commented that Tarkan had called them via phone to speak to them, but wasn't going to put him on "at that time of the evening." However, she was quick to reveal that she was joking, and hoped that Tarkan would grace her studios with a visit some day.

Explaining that Tarkan's manager had called her, she said that she had interviewed "the really sweet, Tarkan clone" Emir on her show - and now his hairdresser - so that she was hoping it was all leading up to some grand design to get the real thing on her show.

"Well he is the megastar," Özdemir agreed, "he should be your grand finale."

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