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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Bloggers Catch on to Tarkan's New Look

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

NYC style blog talks Tarkan

Tarkan in NYCAlthough Tarkan's Turkish fans - along with the Turkish press at large - have ridiculed Tarkan's latest style, one Turkish fashion blog has picked up on a New Yorker blogging favourably about Tarkan's latest look, suggesting that the artist has a rare star quality to pull off his own individualistic agenda.

In a September post, the "Istanbul Fashion Addict" writes that after surfing through a New York fashion blog she happened upon a recent picture of Tarkan in its annals (pictured left).

Katya Moorman, for the blog "Style Defined" - which offers a guide to the fashion sense of the young New York - had photographed Tarkan at the city's Fashion Week last month in a post titled "Why does this work?"

Unbeknown to Moorman that she had captured the most famous singer in Turkey with her lens, she commented on the picture by saying, "I'm not sure why this look works. But it does. Love the hair too..."

Learning Something New

Furthermore, when the "Istanbul Fashion Addict" blogger informed Moorman that the man in the picture with "the look" was none other than Tarkan, a famous Turkish singer, the New York blog was updated with an extra insight.

"I was informed ... that this lovely speciman [sic] of a human being is Tarkan, a famous singer from Turkey. So maybe it's his charisma/"star power" that is so appealing?" Moornan queried of the man that had caught her attention.

Strong Reaction from Turks

Last month Turkish fans had reacted strongly against the artist's new look, with some even going so far as commenting that he would have looked better bald.

Some in the media did support Tarkan, however, with one correspondent for paper Takvim criticising a writer for indirectly saying that Tarkan is gay in his column.

The writer had said that he could call Tarkan gay, because gay also meant "happy and energetic", too - which Tarkan was.

"Let's hope Tarkan takes him to court ... I'd love to watch him explain away that he was calling Tarkan "happy and full of energy" when he called him gay," the correspondent wrote.

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