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Thursday, October 01, 2009

More Tarkan Cyprus Concert Updates

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

There are more updates in from newspaper sources about reports on Tarkan's eagerly anticipated concert on 3 October in the northern Turkish territories of the island of Cyprus.

In an article published today, northern Cypriot paper KIBRIS writes that there is "huge excitement" as the island waits for the Turkish recording artist to arrive on their shores.

The narrative states that Tarkan is reportedly very excited, too, to be giving his first concert since taking a break in America in the divided island's capital city of Nicosia in a few days time.

Set to arrive in Cyprus tomorrow, the star's team of 5 lorries and 70 personnel have already invaded the island to help the artist conquer hearts and mind with his music.

CNN Turk Reports on the Scheduled Show

CNN Turk reports on Tarkan's scheduled 2009 October Cyprus showMeanwhile, CNN Turk has published a report on the scheduled Cyprus concert.

The account brings together all previously published accounts of the show, and chronicles the huge interest generated from both sides of the divide for Tarkan's concert - stating it as the reason to the high demand for tickets.

With expectations for the islanders to set aside their political differences for one day as there is great interest from Greek as well as Turkish Cypriots, CNN Turk also reports about previous news that the recording artist might sing some of his new songs - rumoured to be released in January 2010 - for the first time in Cyprus.

In addition, CNN Turk's article details the hotel and the king suite that the recording artist will be staying at, with quotes from the preparation staff working to make his stay on the island as memorable as possible.

The report isn't without criticism, however, detailing the Turkish municipality's refusal to name the exact fee paid to bring Tarkan to Cyprus - with rumours that it was in the region of a quarter of a million Turkish lira - although they did clarify that the singer's fee was met by private sponsors and not paid out of public tax monies.

It's also reported that island-wide promotions for the stadium show have been billed as a public gig - for which entrance is usually free of charge - but that people need to pay £25 for a seat at Tarkan's concert, and that this might cause some fans to complain about being charged for what has been touted as part of the municipalities summer festivities for the city's residents.

CNN Turk fails to write, however, that the show is a charity gig for a local Cypriot children's cancer charity, and that all proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the care of children suffering from the disease.

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