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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Of More Things Turkish

Here is another collection of interesting sites in recommendation of things Turkish. These Turkish flavoured links are connected by the fact that they also indicate how Turkish things are often isolated, overlooked or an acquired taste to the modern world.

More Recommendations of Things Turkish

  1. Website Alkışlarla Yaşıyorum: This is a site for those Turkish language speakers that are interested in pop culture with a spin. Aiming to keep alive those eccentricities of global popular culture that you think have been consigned to the past, the site offers its visitors the chance to resuscitate the pop pastiches on display by giving your applause. Go relive the pop culture of your youth, or your parents' youth. A relative Tinker Bell of a site.
  2. Website Southeast Europe: People and Culture: For those looking for a European perspective on Turkey (or even those people thinking Turkey is only for Thanksgiving), this site has been developed to offer visitors the opportunity to explore the diverse culture of Southeast Europe. It offers informative and exciting feature articles covering art, dance and theatre, gastronomy, literature, music and sports.
  3. US Media Show The Young Turks: The official blurb describes The Young Turks as a revolutionary show, hence the name. Produced by Ana Kasparian and co-hosted by Cenk Uygur, it hails itself as the first live, daily webcast on the Internet covering American current affairs.
  4. Follow Jenny Theirlynck on Twitter: A freelance journalist writing about the Mediterranean (Italy and Turkey), human interest and art, she brings a Dutch perspective to Turkish news stories.
  5. Listen to artist Volkan Baydar: You've probably not heard of this Turkish-German artist, but he has sung the official theme song of the New 7 Wonders of Nature campaign, "Another Time", and is also part of Orange Blue, the first German act ever to write and perform music for a Disney movie in Dinosaur ("Can Somebody Tell Me Who I Am"/2000).

Please note that external links may expire over a long period of time.

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