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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Press Buzz Continues on Tarkan's New Look

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Recent reports in the Turkish press from a variety of newspapers, most notably Sabah and Milliyet, reveal that the media is continuing to focus on Tarkan's new look.

To start with Milliyet, the paper has published a story that quotes Tarkan on his new look - in response to those that say the recording artist has been inspired by eighties icon Boy George - saying that he hasn't tried to look like anyone.

Milliyet's account writes that the hairstyle Tarkan first revealed at Ajda Pekkan's Harbiye concert in August, cut by Yıldırım Özdemir and then restyled by Zeki Doğulu in America, has caught the public's attention.

While mentioning that Tarkan was set to get in front of the camera to film a commercial for the Russian market to promote Turkish goods yesterday, the article quotes the star on his hair.

"Everyone can be likened to someone, but I haven't tried to look like anyone. Yıldırım had laid the foundation for my hair before I went to America, and in America Zeki Doğulu finished it off. It's a real flexible style," Tarkan reportedly said.

Hair stylist Özdemir had appeared on TV to defend the artist's hairstyle, explaining that he and Tarkan constantly experimented with the star's hair.

Tarkan: "He Should Dress His Age"

Tarkan's new lookElsewhere in Milliyet, female journalist Melis Alphan's narrative in her recent column dated 1 October 2009 puts Tarkan's look under the microscope with a final warning that Tarkan should dress his age and not try to look young, or else risk looking desperate.

In her detailed analysis, correspondent Alphan talks about Tarkan's look being a mixed bag of different inspirations, likening Tarkan to a regional sweet delicacy known as Aşure (Ashure/Noah's Pudding).

A traditional dessert made up of mixed amounts of grains, nuts, dried fruits and pulses, Alphan calls Tarkan's new look an Ashure-like rejuvenation. "A handful of Robbie Williams, a handful of Boy George, a handful of Rihanna. But the grain of this ashure dessert is unarguably the decade of the nineties," she writes.

"Tarkan has completely bolted the door on the grey suit Justin Timberlake look. With his new image he hasn't restricted himself to one option, he is pinching from music heroes past and present.

"First off, as you know, after the 60s, 70s and 80s today's trends have now started utilising the 90s. And so it is that the outfits of the 90s are springing up at us in magazines, cafés and bars. And Tarkan's image now directly radiates from those years, though naturally what confronts us is a stylised 90's look."

Suggesting that Tarkan's clothes and footwear are reminiscent of artists like Milli Vanilli and MC Hammer in that decade but attuned to contemporary thinking - such as replacing the Bermuda shorts of the 90s with Tarkan's rolled-up trousers - Alphan comments that his hair, although a copy of US artist Rihanna's hairstyle, is also inspired from the 90s - as worn by New Kids on the Block and Boy George.

She ends her article by pointing out Tarkan has been seen wearing a sleeveless vest for a while - something she suggests is a Robbie Williams prop - indicating that Tarkan's look hails a return to the nineties and from a businessman look to a sporty one.

However, she adds a note of warning to the star that he should be careful not to fall into the trap that ageing women often fall into, by trying to dress young in an attempt to hide their age.

"So there is a serious anti-ageing operation going on here. But he needs to be careful. The warning to women applies the same to men and Tarkan who is coming on to forty: Dress your age. If you wear clothes for a 15-16 year-old at the age of 40, instead of making you look younger, you could be caught out by showing your real age instead.

"Even if you are a performer, it's almost impossible for a young person's style not to look comical on a middle-aged person," she ends, failing to notice that her "musical heroes" from the international stage that she praises in her article are arguably doing just that, too.

"What's Happened to Tarkan?"

Meanwhile, in the pages of Sabah, female entertainment columnist Şengül Balıksırtı - a faithful member of the anti-Tarkan lobby in the press - has put her thoughts to paper about Tarkan's latest dress sense, or, more accurately, the lack of it.

In her "What's happened to Tarkan?" account, dated 2 October 2009, while conceding that a star should always break new ground, she believes that the 'ground breaking style' should at least suit the artist wearing it.

Tarkan on his arrival to Istanbul for the USA, 2009"They were discussing Tarkan's new hair style at the hairdressing salon I go to, and I overheard the workers working there. "It really suits him. Because he is Tarkan. If we did that style it would look strange on us, but he's a star. He's completely different anyway. So this style doesn't look weird on him," they were saying. True. If a person is a star, they don't do as everyone else does, they are trendsetters ... But ... It should suit them, too," Balıksırtı writes.

"When I saw the photograph of Tarkan taken on his return from America I said, "What's this?" (In my opinion Tarkan should always go about dressed..) By the way, when women want their lips to come out in full pout in a pose they say 333. And though Tarkan is trying to do something else with his lips, we haven't worked out what!"

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