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Monday, October 12, 2009

Tarkan in the Columns

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Music commentator Oben Budak (pictured below) has posted at his official website that he had the chance to talk with Turkish pop star Tarkan recently after bumping into him at a exclusive bar-restaurant situated in a far-flung residential hillside neighbourhood overlooking the Bosphorus.

Oben Budak"I went to Ulus 29 ... it might teem with the affluent, but at least they're not up themselves ... and making way towards the table whom should I see, but Tarkan!

"Experiencing a cold handshake at first, which I put down to all my articles criticising him, I managed to cut him off in the club later on. We began to talk after I asked him openly, "Do I bug you?" And although he replied to me in the general air of "I get bugged by certain criticisms," we managed to pull the strained conversation towards a positive direction.

"Even when I don't even bother to criticise other artists, the only reason I pick on the apple of our eye Tarkan is because I want him to be even better, there's no malice involved! Anyway I managed to put my point of view across finally, I complimented him on the 'Love' tattoo he has on the back of his neck that I hadn't seen before, he made fun of my bow tie and we smoothed things over.

"After missing the summer season and wanting to have a quiet period, Tarkan says he is continuing to work on a new album, but from what I understand there is nothing new on the horizon, we will have to wait. We might catch the whiff of projects from abroad, but because that evening I listened to him as a "friend" I can't write everything we spoke about! It will have to be the luck of another reporter..." Budak posts.

Meanwhile, paper Sabah reporter Şirin Sever writes in her 12 October dated column that the "French love Tarkan".

Talking to Hervé Magro from the French Consulate in Istanbul at a tourist event, Sever mentions the failure of both France and Turkey to build stronger cultural and diplomatic ties, with Magro citing Turkish recording artist Tarkan as an example of what could be achieved.

"For example he tells me that Tarkan is loved a lot in France. "What was that song?" he says trying to remember, and adds: "That kiss kiss song was on everyone's lips. That song was something else, and the French still love to listen to it." We have a chance to test what Magro says as the song starts to play a little while later. The French ladies run to screaming to the dance-floor and start to sing the song word perfect. We watched in stunned amazement," Sever writes.

Screencap of reportElsewhere, while an interview published by Sabah with female talk show host Kamuran Tapul reveals that she would love to have Sezen Aksu and Tarkan as guests on her show, northern Cypriot paper Vatan prints in its columns the suggestion that Tarkan's successful 3 October stadium show in the island's capital city shouldn't be credited to the Turkish municipality (see left pic).

"As you know the Municipality brought Tarkan to the northern Turkish territories of Cyprus. But to be honest, it's wrong to say that they brought Tarkan, because it wasn't a free show. You can be sure that whoever collected the proceeds, Tarkan would have still come. It makes no difference whether it was the Municipality or a candy shop."

In the column, the Turkish Cypriot writer goes on to add that Tarkan's appearance didn't bring luck to local artist's either, with other events overshadowed by the pop star's concert.

"So I've heard Tarkan took a £250,000 TL ... It really is good money for a show. But after that show, problems for local artists to put on a show have arisen, with some complaining that they were either unpaid or that the necessary promotions were not made."

And finally, reporter İbrahim Şahin, writing for Milliyet's variety section writes about an exclusive show given by Turkish diva Ajda Pekkan - recently on stage with Tarkan at the Harbiye - where she shared the stage with artist Serdar Ortaç this time.

Paying lip-service to the rumours of problems between Ortaç and Tarkan, Şahin claims in his column that the two singers are not on speaking terms.

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