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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Tarkan News Coverage in Brief Extra

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan's Russian concert site
Official site for Tarkan's concerts
in Russia
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In an extra post about Turkish news articles covering Turkey's most famous recording artist, today reveals a variety of reports that document what they term as the diminishing returns of Tarkan's popularity.

First up is a report by paper Sabah that claims Tarkan has hit a new low by losing his stronghold on the musical conciousness of Russia, with a Russian tourist agency's poll of three thousand Russians placing artists like Serdar Ortaç ahead of Tarkan, while an article in Ayakli Gazete writes that Tarkan is amongst a list of singers that have lost their former star status.

Expressing that although Ortaç has steadily built on his successes, the article argues Tarkan has lost the previous prestige that had come early in his career.

It describes Tarkan, who has signed up to film commercials for Russia and has scheduled three large concerts in Russian major cities next month, as "not being spoken about like he used to be".

Elsewhere, Entertainment journalist Ali Eyüboğlu mentions Tarkan in his Milliyet column dated 7 October in connection with Tarkan's new look - which caused a storm in Turkey last month and made the front pages of the papers.

Eyüboğlu confesses not to like the new style, but commends Tarkan on having found his self-confidence again. However, he also warns that the artist needs the support of his fan base for such stylistic decisions to gain popularity.

Although other reports have written that a punk trend has started in Turkey, with other celebrities even getting the cut - Eyüboğlu claims this not to be the case.

"He's so handsome anything he wears suits him."
Female singer Gülşen defends Tarkan's new look on a TV show.
(October 2009)

Widely known that Turkish fans had harshly criticised the star on his new look, which was picked up the domestic press, "At one time whatever Tarkan did was copied. When you walked in the street, you always came upon Tarkan copies... But I haven't met one of those yet," he writes.

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