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Sunday, October 04, 2009

Tarkan's Cyprus Concert

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan concert ticket from the KHYD; Help for Cancer SufferersProceeds of ticket sales will go to aid cancer suffers in Cyprus

Screencap of reportThe first initial reports about Tarkan's scheduled 3 October show in the northern Turkish territories of the island of Cyprus have been published by northern Cypriot paper Kibris Postasi and CNN Turk.

The CNN Turk account writes that Tarkan appeared in the divided island's capital Nicosia at its Ataturk Stadium for festivities provided by the Turkish municipality, while the Kibris Postasi article says that the stadium was "overflowing" with fans, filling even the front stalls (see top left pic).

It's reported that, with the concert slated to start at eight-thirty in the evening, local time, the doors opened at eight to long queues that had formed from people eager to get in.

"The Tarkan Earthquake"

From updates in local papers elsewhere, paper KIBRIS has published an article about the concert, calling it one of the largest concerts the island has ever seen.

Screencap of reportWriting that over ten thousand people filled the auditorium, the account states that the Turkish recording artist caused "an earthquake" on the island with his show, appearing on stage for the first time with his new look.

Meanwhile in further updates, as KIBRIS writes that fans from Turkey journeyed over to see Tarkan perform live, other reports give an account that a large number of Greek Cypriots from across the divided island also made the journey to the Ataturk Stadium in Nicosia to see the Turkish artist in action - creating an exodus of Greeks and Turks to converge at the dazzling arena for one evening (see left pic).

However, although it had been previously reported Tarkan might sing some of his new songs set for future release, the articles makes no mention of this, but KIBRIS prints that the artist sang all his classic hits, starting with the 2007 hit "Vay Anam Vay" from his double award-winning album Metamorfoz.

From a fan's eye view: Tarkan's electrifying entrance
(3 October 2009/summerose1976@YouTube)

Elsewhere, as other reports write about the stadium's rows and front stalls filled up with Tarkan fans, they also write that the show lasted for two hours, in which the star sang twenty-four songs.

Towards the end of the concert, the Turkish mayor of Nicosia, Cemal Bulutoğluları, presented Tarkan with a plaque, exclaiming that they had "brought the best" to Cyprus. The concert ended with a firework display.

Tarkan and Mayor Bulutoglulari

Tarkan had last given a concert in Cyprus in Kyrenia in July 2008, but this was the singer's first stadium show and first appearance in Nicosia.

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