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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Home Press Talk Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan Deluxe takes a look at a few news stories about Tarkan making the print in the Turkish press.

No Invitation For Tarkan

An interview with actor and talk show host Okan Bayülgen, published in Turkish media portal Haberturk's sister site for variety news H2, again raises the three year dispute created after news reports twisted Tarkan's words in a 2006 report, suggesting he had said there were no suitable talk shows in Turkey where he could make an appearance.

TV host Bayülgen, stating that he was talking in defence of his colleague's talk show, Beyaz Show - hosted by comedian Beyazıt Öztürk, popularly known as Beyaz - which has run a long campaign to get Tarkan on the show, claimed that the artist was someone he wouldn't even consider for his own slot.

"I've never invited him, and I never will," Bayülgen - known for making snide comments about the star - declared in the report.

Tarkan in a Film Project?

Screencap of reportIn an apparent update to the previously reported news that Turkish actor İlker İnanoğlu has Tarkan in mind for a starring role in his movie, some news sources are reporting that the recording artist has read the script and agreed "in principle" to take part in the project (see left pic).

"Before I look for the other actors, I want to get Tarkan's opinion, because he's going to have a starring role in the film," İnanoğlu is quoted to have said.

Tarkan to Give Backing to Gay Celebrity

Fatih UrekThe variety section of Turkish paper Güneş has published a report that claims campy singer Fatih Ürek has had a "lucky break" by managing to steal a promise off Tarkan for a song for his album set to be released next year.

Known for his pop trash albums, effeminate manner and feminine dress sense - only sporting suits following Tarkan's image for Metamorfoz - and for not having the greatest singing voice in the world, a deal with bar singer Ürek seems a surprise decision for Turkey's most famous recording artist.

Ürek hit the gossip headlines when he had commented on an entertainment show in 2007 that there were photographs of Tarkan and him sharing a Turkish steam bath together, which he later confessed to not being true after Tarkan denied the reports.

Turkey's global star said he had met Ürek when working in the holiday town of Çınarcık before finding fame.

More recently, after a film gala Ürek had starred in, the overweight bar singer had spoken highly of Tarkan - who had sent him a chauffeur driven car for the occasion - in January this year.

Now, behind the scenes there is talk that this pop coup is the success of Ürek's new manager, ex-model and Tarkan admirer Şenay Akay, who has recently been seen on Turkish TV praising Tarkan.

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