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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Out of Sight

you know I'm gone now,
but you'll remember me:
for your arms are filled
with thoughts of me
pressed into the empty air;

and though I'm not there,
you'll wake, you'll sleep with me,
and though I'm out of sight
your eyes will still see me,
even in the darkest night,

you'll bid your heart to follow
though there'll be no way to me,
and as the silence grows louder
you'll find yourself asking me
suddenly if I'm still there,

you'll whisper my name
in dreams that journey to me,
you'll realise in the same
breath there's nothing left of me,
except the ghost of a loved one

living in a lover's memory,
that's how you'll remember me,
and though I'm gone now
your heart will always keep me,
even though I'm out of sight,
gone into the darkest night.

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