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Monday, November 16, 2009

The Success and Dangers of Copying Tarkan

By Kaya Turan reporting from Rochester, UK

Reports from the Turkish press show that it is perfectly acceptable for other Turkish artists to copy Tarkan to get success - as long as they don't admit to it. It seems if an artist actually admits to being inspired by Tarkan, it offends the sensibilities of the gutter press in Turkey.

Bengu's latest video singles inspired by TarkanFemale singer's latest video singles inspired by Tarkan?

Female singer Bengü's recent video singles - which have topped the charts in Turkey to cement her as one of Turkey's most recent popular singers - have stood out for the obvious inspiration Tarkan has had on the artist.

Newspaper Hürriyet's magazine supplement Kelebek even ran a similar article in 2003 focusing on Tarkan's mirror pose for his video single to "Gülümse Kaderine" (Dudu/2003) as it did in 2009 for Bengü's pose for her album İki Melek - while her latest video for "Kocaman Öpüyorum" ends with a kiss, something which was made instantly recognisable by Tarkan and his signature smash "Şımarık" (Ölürüm Sana/1997).

Bengü ends her video with a kiss, in a similar pose to Tarkan, who used the motif again in his 2006 video to his single "Start the Fire".

Gutter Press Gets Between Protégé and His Idol?

Although the Turkish press find it difficult to acknowledge any connections with Tarkan's previous works inspiring others, some in the gutter sections have been taking a stab at a newcomer to the industry who hasn't been afraid to shout out that he holds Tarkan as his idol and inspiration.

Emir tops the charts, but is it enough to translate into salesEmir tops the charts, but is it enough to translate into sales?

Turkish media portal Haberturk's sister site for variety news H2 has published a post about singer Emir having "upset Tarkan".

Critical of Tarkan for supporting someone that the article describes as "his clone", the H2 account alleges that for all the money Tarkan pumped into the project - a claimed amount of over 150 thousand dollars - sales of Emir's début album have been disappointing.

Emir at dinner with his boss Tarkan
Emir at dinner with his boss Tarkan
The claims in the article give no sources or published figures, but is filled with conjecture and supposition, when airplay figures show that Emir's released video singles have topped all Turkish major charts.

The Nielsen Music Control list for Turkey has seen Emir consistently in the top five, while one of the major music channels in Turkey, the Powerturk charts for TV and radio have both seen Emir reach their top spots.

Whether these successes translate into hard sales have yet to be seen, but it seems arguable that such gossip is being circulated because Emir has been a vocal backer of his boss.

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