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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tarkan News: Opinions and Speculations

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

In a summary of press news stories and related articles about Tarkan making the print online, first up is more speculation over next year's Turkish entrant for the Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo, Norway.

WScreencap of reportSerkan Uluçay, writing for claims that the Turkish public broadcasting house TRT will be announcing the chosen act on Friday, with a one-time backing singer for Tarkan amongst those under consideration for the coveted role of representing their country in 2010 (see left pic).

Uluçay describes Murat Boz as a "student of Tarkan", and that he is known as a "second Tarkan" in Turkey.

"It is obvious that being a student of Tarkan has made him a better artist," Uluçay writes.

Rumours had hit the European headlines earlier this year that Tarkan would be entering the contest - which had been flatly denied by the artist's manager.

Tarkan: One of the Beautiful People

Beautiful People co-founder Greg Hodge says yes to TarkanMeanwhile, as one gossip portal prints a list of Turkish metrosexual celebs that includes Tarkan - claiming that Tarkan has undergone liposuction and uses a large amount of cosmetic creams - media portal Haberturk's financial section has published an article on elitist dating website

During an interview with co-founder of Beautiful People, Greg Hodge, correspondent Nilay Örnek submitted photographs of Turkish celebrities for him to speculate on whether or not they would be accepted into the site.

Hodge - whose site launch into Turkey in October completed its global expansion into every European, Asian, Australasian, Middle Eastern and American territory, making it a worldwide service - is of the opinion that Tarkan would be accepted into the site.

Interested applicants submit their photos and are rated based on looks to determine whether they can join the site. Since Beautiful People went live worldwide last month, it has rejected 1.8 million people from 190 countries.

No Potato Peeling for Tarkan

In the war of Turkey's military to win the hearts and minds of the public for its conscription policies, suggestions to hire film-makers to make films to better promote the army's institutions has brought criticism from some circles of the film industry towards the Turkish General Staff.

Turkish paper Zaman reports that director Sinan Çetin - the man that brought the world Tarkan in a cowboy hat for Turkcell's prepaid range of phone cards - has advice of a different nature for the head of the military.

Suggesting that the army should end the draft and join the nations that instead rely on a volunteer or professional military outside of wartime and during times of crises, Çetin alluded to the military service row sparked by Tarkan in the late 90s.

"[In my vision of the army] Tarkan wouldn't be found peeling potatoes," he is quoted as saying.

Note from the Editor: The Enigma of a 7 November Show

Screencap of reportCelebrity gossip portal Magazin Tava has circulated news that Tarkan gave a private concert at one of Antalya's top hotels, Rixos - previously known as Sungate Port Royal Hotel (see left pic).

It claims that Tarkan gave a private concert on 7 November 2009 for Turkish Garanti Bank's board of directors for a sum close to £250,000 Turkish lira, with an added note from "the editor" claiming that Tarkan had only just recently started performing at private functions signally the artist "had run out of money".

Although not corroborated by any other news source, the only independent evidence for the report found by Tarkan Deluxe was on Tarkan guitarist Ayhan Günyıl's concert calendar for 2009 posted up on Günyıl's official site - but the reason for the concert or its venue is not up at the guitarist's page.

The wording of the Magazin Tava article gives the effect that it was written solely to distribute the "editor's note" on the multi award-winning recording artist - who started his career singing at private functions - as the gossip piece reads as though it has simply mixed three previous news stories together.

The mentioned sum was in the headlines for the rumoured amount paid to bring the artist to a charity stadium show in Cyprus, Tarkan had appeared at a private Istanbul concert for Garanti Bank to celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2006 and entertained financiers from Turkey's İŞ Bank at Antalya's Sungate Port Royal Hotel to mark the end of a business conference in 2008.

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