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Monday, December 14, 2009

For a Moment to Dream


there was a music inside of me
only you could hear, a melody
you heard call you near;

and for a while it sang
to our bodies, cradled
in a sea of lullabies,

it rocked you and I
in time, and made
our harmonies rhyme

in the deepest core
locked inside, it drew us
within a powerful tide --

the sum of its being
becoming one, our bond
stronger than when begun --

yet delicate, too, as
a flower in the sun, or
an hour too quickly gone;


we had love's courage
in that moment, an
inspiration embodiment

that took us far
and wide, although we
never quickened our stride,

we crossed the greatest waters
in love's name, and for a moment
allowed ourselves the same

dream of a lifetime spent
together, and for a few days
we were more to each other

than the inner music
we had made, or the light
that was to fade,

but only for a moment,
then it was gone, to drift
afar into a setting horizon;


and yet you cling to me
even in the eclipse, like
the moonlit deck of ships

sailing in the storms
of a sea that wrecks
all promise of eternity,

where survivors swim
or drown alone, falling
into a darkness of their own,

with only the hope
in a dying heart, that what
will ultimately depart

will not be what touched
the best in us, but
the suffocating sadness

that is a constant soliloquy
to our pain, until love comes
to rescue us again.

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