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Monday, December 21, 2009

Gossip Columnists Slam Tarkan

By Kaya Turan reporting from Rochester, UK

Two Turkish female reporters have slammed into Tarkan this month in their columns, providing more than a little dose of hell fury from women scorned for the Turkish singer as they touched on recent events in his career.

While one columnist took to task the recent news of a photo shoot with nineties celebrity Pamela Anderson, decrying the follies of Tarkan pinning his career on "a cheap slut", another gossip journalist lashed out at Istanbul's high society for patting each other on the back at a charity event with Tarkan as the guest of honour.

Below the majority of the two acidic accounts are provided in English, excellently executed by the man himself, our worthy founder of Tarkan Deluxe, Ali Yildirim.

Tarkan and a Chorus of Society Girls

A lot of newspaper space in the Turkish press was given to the news that Tarkan had performed at a society bash for a children's charity, at the luxurious Çırağan Palace Kempinski Hotel in Istanbul at the start of the month, with his appearance for a fund-raiser garnering praise from a usually critical media.

However, a dissenting voice had come in the shape of female gossip columnist Gül Erçetingöz for celebrity portal Gecce. She decided to report the event with a good dose of the usual acridity, notwithstanding that Tarkan had appeared voluntarily for a good cause to benefit needy children.

Pulling no punches in what reads like a first round bout of hitting hot air, could it be that Erçetingöz's jabs of more than a little acrimony towards Tarkan and the high society ladies was because Cinderella herself had not been invited to the ball? Or was it to just punish the organiser for having the cheek to invite Tarkan to take part in a high profile charity event and grab some good exposure for a change?

We'll make no accusations or assumptions - that seems to be the job of the gutter press. We'll just write it as we see it. Although, it's a pity that's something Erçetingöz couldn't do, as she wasn't at the society event she writes about in such detail in her 9 December article:

I hear our local Michael Jackson - pardon me, I mean our Tarkan - gave a concert for our social kings and queens recently ... Our national hero took to the stage at the invite without taking any money so they say.

So, what? I guess I should say, well done, Tarkan. I hear our high society belles fought over one another for the £500 TL tickets to see him up close.

These society types are something else ... always going crazy after some celebrity who is crazy over them, anyway.

Especially Tarkan, who has no idea what he's doing any more. Let me just say this kid needs to seriously get his act together, else he won't have any fans left at all. Tarkan fanatics will definitely hate him now they've got a load of his pictures in the newspapers getting it on with the rich elite. Why? Well it's a miracle that for once those huge bodyguards, who won't let any fan get close to him, were no where to been seen at the society bash.

Dear Tarkan, instead of getting down with the princesses, get down with the paupers. Connect with your fans. Okay, I'll give you that you did your bit for the little ones and performed for free, but in my opinion wouldn't it have been better if you'd have just donated £500,000 TL from what you earn in one evening's show and given a free concert for the public, instead? But ultimately it's the intent that counts, isn't it?

Erçetingöz's vitriol continues with the suggestion that Tarkan used the charity event as a vehicle to get his name in the papers, rather than benefit a good cause.

In one day you made the headlines in the press thanks to our society ladies. So I hear you called out to the middle-aged women in the audience who show know better, "Come on girls, come on stage." I saw the pictures, our garishly dressed, posh old girls in garments worth between £5,000 - £10,000 TL throwing themselves on stage and going mad like they were belly dancing at some down-town wedding party. Dear God!!!

And weren't the wealthy businessmen that attended the event a bit miserly? You attend such an evening, get the chance to see Tarkan close up, and even have your wife shake her booty on stage with Tarkan, and when it comes to donating money only give £25,000 TL? You're so comical. Why, just your wives dresses have prices tags that start from £20,000 TL!

Having contradicted herself on how much the dresses worn that evening cost, as though it should actually matter, Erçetingöz then tries to name and shame the women that got on stage with Tarkan. In her valued opinion, ladies that reach the age of fifty should be confined to their chairs to dribble quietly into their soups.

However, she ends with doing a complete U-turn in the final paragraphs of her piece, making her sound more than a little confused, or rather worse, as someone taking the opportunity to suggest to the organiser that choosing Tarkan for such worthwhile events leads to unnecessary bad press.

This very colourful do will probably be the most talked about society event this year ... Even though it will be remembered for a long time to come, whether due to Tarkan's call of "Come on girls to the stage" or those scenes of society's upper classes going mad on stage, I know in my heart that more importantly the money collected for those children in need will go to the right place.

Even if I've written about the invite in a completely different way, I have to thank [the organiser] for organising such an wonderful night and managing to gather such big names all in one place. I wish all women were as willing as you to really do something good to benefit their society...

Talk about make your mind up, lady.

Meanwhile, when he's apparently not letting his hair down on a girl's night out, to others he is a harebrained honcho taking pictures with washed up sluts just to get some exposure.

Because that's Tarkan, right? Glutton for punishment. Hungry mad for more press exposure.

A Captain With No Sense of Direction

In the second round of a one-sided battle royale, tapping away in her little corner at the news offices of Sabah, had Öncel Öziçer's 13 December piece been written on litmus paper it would have turned bright red.

As the nasty narrative shows, there's no accounting for taste when it comes to Turkish press. It's hard to be original, too. Tackling the media's popular subject of Tarkan's future and the recent news of the Los Angeles photo shoot, Öziçer's banal banter starts off at a heady pace, and never lets up:

Whatever has happened to Tarkan to get in such a sorry state? The man has really done a disappearing act. What a hole he's fallen down into. He can't get out. Poor sweety, there's not much to look at or much to listen to. Still, we all know that he's still got some good standing with the Turkish public thanks to the good old days. But exactly why he doesn't use it is a mystery.

With the pretty patter over, she takes off the gloves to fight dirty, and begins with calling Tarkan's multi-award winning 2007 record Metamorfoz "a silly album" and accuses the singer of continuing to waste time with harebrained schemes.

She hisses:

He's made some changes to the crooked bonnet of his new project (!) that he just hasn't been able to get the dents out of in a long time: He's got hair extensions, covered himself with arm tattoos, etc. And he's gone and done a photo shoot with Pamela Anderson. But who is Pamela? Or who is giving you these ideas? What the hell are photographs with some washed up, cheap porn star going to add to you? If the aim is to stay in the public eye, well he'll definitely make the headlines for a while. For although we've yet to see it, supposedly Tarkan strikes a particular pose where he grabs Pamela between the legs. Well, well, well ... That photograph will really goldenly screw his career down. Oh well, it's like they used to say: "A captain that doesn't know his head from his arse, will likely grab a handful of grass." That's Tarkan down to a tee!

It paints a less than pretty picture, but what is the portrait one of: Tarkan or the gossip press?

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