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Friday, December 04, 2009

Sixty Days in Mid-air

we only had sixty days,
we heard the ticking
the seconds made,
like in the skin-hushed silence
those sounds we craved -

small, deep, from the back of our throats,
clogged with such emotion -
how we'd erased all those words
spoken, unspoken, some unfixed,
some left unbroken -

how we'd silenced our words
without a pause,
fingers searching,
finding any meaning
to all those sounds, drunkenly

lost in a momentary clause,
in a burning cause
of hands that couldn't
pen that final stop
to molten bodies, melting

in hearts that could close
to peace or war, but never a shutter
to memory, or the imaginary,
as we'd touch in the guise
of small miracles coming alive

before our tightly shut eyes,
hiding in a refuge of bodies
opened wide, making a light that'd cast off
the evening shadows; beneath us,
we had weakened the night

as we kissed, it could no longer
tell the day to stand aside, to run
and hide and seek shelter
while the caged up world
was in its transfer,

we harvested the sunshine
in timely beats in a nightly parade,
dancing in the arms
of innumerable sighs making
hearts misstep a syllable or two,

and making so much sound,
but never been able to capture it
in the written word it drowned
to hold me down me in you:
but this is what love always is:

a language of hope in silence,
or a language of hands that take
or refuse to lay down the final
full stop, or a language of destiny
that speaks in every breath we make,

or learning that there is pain
so sweet that when it hurts
it sings of our minutes that died,
but whether sixty days,
or an hour is the same, to know

the time we had would be gone,
but not wasted, every second
making the most of us, as
we made the most of ourselves,
the time in which we hung was a frame,

as we'd wait for the days
to end, calling for a little
courage in our desire,
though the words were never spoken,
they were always there,

as new as unspoken, some unfixed,
some left unbroken,
but in safekeeping
waiting for the pause to end
where it left us in mid-air.

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