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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tarkan News: In the Last Months of 2009

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan Deluxe presents a round-up of media snippets to see how Tarkan's making a buzz online during the last months of 2009.

Ending the Decade with Tarkan

Tarkan's end of year show in Antalya

Turkish paper Milliyet has run an article reporting that Tarkan will be on stage in Turkey at a luxury hotel for the New Year.

It says that Tarkan will be appearing at the Mardan Palace in Antalya, where tickets will range from €500 to €1,000 to mark the end of a decade with Turkey's global star.

Other reports claim the singer will be one of the highest paid stars during the customary work period for Turkish artists, alleging that the singer will be earning £150,000 TL for the show.

Eurovision 2010 Report Update

As papers Hürriyet and Sabah write people from European countries are also voting for Tarkan in Turkish public broadcaster TRT's email poll to choose its 2010 representative for the Eurovision Song Contest, Milliyet claims - on the back of news the TRT General Director Ibrahim Şahin's personal choice is Tarkan - that the singer's position on declining to participate has not changed.

Other December Season Snippets

In other reports, while currently popular Turkish female singer Sıla once again comes out as a Tarkan fan, a report from Star Gazete, claiming that Turkish celebrities are getting headaches thanks to fake Twitter accounts in their name, writes that Tarkan doesn't have a Twitter account - although it has been previously suggested he has an inactive one.

Blogging About Tarkan

Finally, bloggers have been tagging Tarkan's name to their November posts, with write-ups from Russia and Poland to public blogs hosted by paper Milliyet - which include local journalist Hikmet Ufuk likening the singer's early songs to the poet Rumi and a female blogger going under the nick of "düş gezgini Sevgisu" writing about cooking whilst listening to Tarkan on the radio.

And from Russia and Poland, as Turkish blogger Seval Ünver describes going bowling in Poland and being bowled over at finding Tarkan's songs on play in the alley, posted up at blog rus.babeIrina are the YouTube videos from a recent Russian TV show Tarkan had appeared on last month.

"Tarkan - Turkish singer, superstar. I like this man!" the Russian blogger writes.

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