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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tarkan's Online HITT in Overhaul

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan's music company HITT's official website in overhaulIn its third complete overhaul in as many years since it opened in 2006, Tarkan owned music production company HITT has once again opened its doors to the internet.

Similar to, it has been known for its lack of dynamic updates, with main changes being made in the interim years for the annual summer run of open air shows in conjunction with Turkish mobile telecommunications giant Avea.

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Having pronounced the coming major new look with a set countdown, HITT's site boasts various information and concert news, including a press release on newcomer Emir, who signed up to the record label this year.

Screencap of site's new look

With some areas still under construction, there are plans for HITT's official site to have an English section in this latest version, unlike previous incarnations.

HITT's site has been designed by PingMoreover, HITT's site has been designed by Ping and is no longer being managed by Sertaç Pişkin, the creator of the previous unpopular official website at with the Metamorfoz design - which leaves open the supposition that a new designer might be coming on board for the artist's own site on the eve of any new release.

Since 2002, Tarkan has released various promotional works and albums under his own music company's label. These include his 2003 EP Dudu and the 2005 domestic release of his début English language single Bounce.

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