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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Things of the Last

  1. New Yorkers and visitors say goodbye to bad memories from the past year by shredding documents, letters and photos representing unpleasant experiences in a public ceremony in Times Square. They call the event "Good Riddance Day".
  2. Ten million more people in the UK watched Den Watts serve his long-suffering wife Angie with divorce papers on Christmas Day, 1986, in the BBC TV soap Eastenders than watched Princess Diana's funeral on the BBC in 1997.
  3. Pop icon Michael Jackson died just hours after 1970s icon Farrah Fawcett's death in June this year.
  4. Oliver Cromwell banned Christmas festivities in Britain in 1647.
  5. The Moon has the coldest place in the Solar System measured by a spacecraft.
  6. Archaeological fakes have often been inspired by nationalism.
  7. Experts say physical and virtual worlds will increasingly blur in 2010.
  8. GSM encryption, first introduced in 1987, has been cracked by a German computer scientist, which could allow anyone to eavesdrop on private phone conversations.
  9. Advice on using "tough love" to motivate children to find a job and leave home after university is being issued to parents by the British government.
  10. It's still tradition for newly-married British Asian women to live with their in-laws.

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