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Monday, December 28, 2009

To Being Happy

we had begun
the second instalment
to what would be
our trilogy;

from lovers once,
to the lead into friendship,
it had been swift;
we had blurred, merged
into the other:

no signposts, no gradual steps,
just a flow, as natural
as a river
flowing to its source;

not friends yet
in the real sense,
but on its verge;

embracing each other
in a dance with steps
yet to be learnt,
on a sandy shore
swept clean by the tide
of something more,

of course no one had believed
what strength would emerge,
when so many partners before
lay divided in the ashes
of a washed-up ending:

but we had made
one closure of my choosing
into a new beginning of yours,
we were not simply a boy or girl
gone beyond
bodies bonding,
we were souls merging,

a magnetic pull that had
no inclination to heed us,
but to hurl
our logic into our faces
and out of our world,

a blind unconscious process,
like informal spoken words
slamming into the formal grammar
of me; you changed me,
you removed the strict apostrophe
from my I'd's
and you'd's -
did away with all past views
and rules;

we combined our sounds
to make new meanings,
there was no grand design,
there was no right or wrong,
or choices, except for one -

I asked you once why do you
keep with me?

you had replied simply:
you make me happy,

and there was nothing else
to say, that could be said
more fully.

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