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Monday, January 25, 2010

Press Snippets: Tarkan in Brief

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Amongst Turkish press articles with local singers nicknamed the "Tarkan" of their region, celebrities and their favourite football teams, and yet more correspondents criticising the Istanbul2010 celebrations, the celebrity recording artist has been mentioned in passing in other reports, too.

Writing for Milliyet, music critic Mehmet Tez has briefly mentioned Tarkan in a recent column for the paper.

Taking to task the topic of music piracy, Tez is of the opinion that there shouldn't be censure without first a solution being found to those who download music illegally, and - like many Turkish correspondents - takes the opportunity to take a dig at Tarkan while arguing his point.

"To those providing a digital platform for legal downloads, there is no variety there. What - is everyone going to listen just to Tarkan?" Tez asks.

Tarkan's make-up artist on MTV's Making the VideoElsewhere in Milliyet there is an interview with Tarkan's long-term make-up artist Neriman Eröz - who was seen in the artist's MTV "Making the Video" and on Number 1 TV in 2008 where she was credited as Neriman Eroğuz (pictured left).

Taking fondly of Tarkan in the interview, the talent make-up artist has been a necessary fixture on many film sets and has worked with various celebrities, including the likes of Kevin Costner and Jean Claude Van Damme.

Meanwhile, as a report in Star Gazete with the wife of the Moroccan ambassador to Turkey reveals that Tarkan is popular in her country, journalist Fikret Cemal in a piece published by the same paper talks more favourably of the Istanbul2010 celebrations, but still questions whether any "culture" was showcased that evening.

"People couldn't understand what a Tarkan concert had to do with the city's culture, and even though it supposedly made people participate, it was an event with no returns," Cemal writes.

Moving on, a news portal has published an interview with young Turkish rock group Pegasus Sendrom, in which the often talked about pop artist gets a mention, too.

In response to a question about their best gig so far, the lead singer said, "We were so well received in [the Turkish city of] Kırşehir that you'd think Tarkan had come to give a concert!"

Finally, Tarkan gets cited in Yüksel Aytuğ's column for Sabah - also picked up by Vatan - where Aytuğ talks about celebrities and the exorbitant fees paid to them in advertiser sponsorship.

Touching upon Turkish male singer Orhan Gencebay's recent signing with Vodafone in Turkey, he writes, "We all know the multi-million dollar deals of Tarkan. If Gencebay has surpassed that, then good luck to him."

Gencebay had featured in the Tarkan promo track "Uyan" for a nature society in 2008.

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