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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Speaking About Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportMore reports are being published about the success of Tarkan's fruit campaign in Russia, with representatives citing all expectations for demand already exceeded (see left pic).

The article writes that the campaign has already reached its set targets early in the season, with trade to Russia up by nearly 40 per cent.

Associating it directly with Tarkan's Russian promotions of citrus fruits, the article says the sector has every intention to build on their profile successfully raised by the singer.

No News Like Old News

Paper Milliyet's variety section Cadde has published news a year old, about a celebrity party Tarkan attended held at Hollywood's prestigious Skybar, situated at the Mondrian Hotel on Sunset Boulevard, where he mixed with celebrities such as American socialite Kim Kardashian and singer Lionel Richie.

The report, which has been picked up by other media channels, had originally been reported in January last year, and it is not known why Milliyet's Cadde pages has decided to run it a year late.

Tarkan: Just Like a World Star

Paper Hürriyet has complied a list archiving the past styles of Turkish celebrities, with Tarkan's Karma (2001) and Dudu (2003) era styles catalogued in the retrospective picture gallery.

"Tarkan preferred leather wear early on in his career," the caption claims. "Living in America for a long time, his stage costume is no different than what a world star would wear."

Speaking About Tarkan

Turkish paper Milliyet's celebrity journalist Ali Eyüboğlu has briefly mentioned Turkish recording artist Tarkan in two recent articles in his column.

In an 8 January dated piece he has given space to a list of "the worst things in 2009" compiled by radio DJs from Pal FM - making clear that it isn't his own personal list and doesn't agree with all the names mentioned - with Tarkan added as worst TV guest for not attending any shows.

And in a second article, it seems whenever the subject of "pee" comes up in the celebrity press, Tarkan's "pee gaffe" on live TV is almost always brought up in comparison, and Eyüboğlu is no different in his 9 January dated column.

Talking about a conversation on Hülya Avşar's talk show in which she revealed she had wet the bed as a young child, Eyüboğlu deemed it important enough to call it the second pee incident since Tarkan's gaffe on TV.

"When Tarkan said "I gotta pee" on live TV it was spoken about for years," Eyüboğlu comments, failing to note the irony of his own resurrection of the issue.

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