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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Tarkan Have You Read This Book?

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Sabah columnist and one-time vociferous Tarkan critic Ayşe Özyılmazel - who in a surprise move came out in support of Tarkan last year - has in her column mentioned Tarkan during a brief meeting on a plane.

Columnist Özyılmazel, having recently released an album herself, describes the meeting as she was flying out of Istanbul on 30 December to spend the new year out of the city.

Reading a memoir written by singer/songwriter Mazhar Alanson during the journey - who wrote the Tarkan track "Yandım" (Karma/2001) - the female reporter wrote:

"[While reminiscing about Alanson], I arrived at the airport, boarded the coach for the plane, and at the opposite far end of the bus was Mega Star Tarkan (sic). With his dark sunglasses, his light grey buttoned sweater and grey jeans, he was chatting to his friends... Sitting two rows in front of me on the plane, I said hi to Tarkan, shook hands with him... And then buried myself in the book I was reading, "Mazhar Olmak" (To be Mazar)."

Tarkan Have You Read This Book?

Özyılmazel writes how she fell into Alanson's world, as the musician explained how his songs came to be written including the song "Yandım", and wondered whether Tarkan had knowledge of the book.

"Two boys seated behind me kept constantly pushing my chair as they tried to get a better view of Tarkan. Kids will be kids I suppose... I changed places, as I didn't want anyone to interrupt my reading ... I wish there had been someone I knew on the plane to share it with."

"The most known person on the plane was Tarkan. I wanted to go over to him and say 'Have you read Uncle Mazhar's book?' I wanted to say, 'I hope you'll do things like this in the future.'"

"But I didn't say a word..."

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