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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tarkan in the Ratings

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportIn a similar call to the BBC in the UK recently to put quality before ratings and leave popular entertainment to commercial channels, there are reports that Turkish public broadcaster the TRT has announced it is to remove itself from the TV ratings war in Turkey (see left pic).

With criticisms from the TRT that the ratings do not fairly reflect the complete demographics of the country, the article reminds its readers that Tarkan's TRT New Year show a few years back was a rare ratings winner for the broadcaster, with the artist's manager quoted as saying, "TRT got into the top three with Tarkan. The establishment hasn't got into the top ten in ten years."

Meanwhile, a columnist for a local rag, Taner Talaş, has opined in a recent column how the Turkish equivalent of the national "Got Talent" shows on TV - which have proved rating winners globally - are showcasing a lack of variety.

"The usual teens are ones with no interest in our own music - even our own pop music like Tarkan's for example - from what I can see the show is just filled with hiphopsters," he writes.

And to end with a piece of gossip doing the rounds, which always gets a hit in the ratings, Tarkan's name is once again being linked with nineties celebrity siren Pamela Anderson.

Gossip reports claim that having met at a PETA photoshoot, Tarkan and Anderson have become good friends - so much so that Anderson may appear on the singer's new release to duet with him.

Anderson had taken part in a photo shoot with Tarkan in America last year, with photographs of the shoot stolen by a fan forum and distributed over the net.

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