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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Finding Love

what a place to find to love? -
in all places, over a kitchen stove
was where I found out suddenly
what you meant to me,

there was that moment,
that one beautiful, killing moment
when I knew I loved you,
when I had suddenly, inexplicably
fallen into love with you

you were there in my knowing,
in my making and my breaking,
while all you were making for me
was a simple cup of tea;

there was that moment,
as powerful as a tidal scent,
when I knew I loved you,
but when the moment forcibly hit me
you didn't even know

what a place to find out you were the one -
not in my bed, or making love in the sun,
but in the kitchen making tea
was when the love hit me,

your back was turned to it,
to that one achingly beautiful moment
when I knew I loved you,
you were making a cup of tea
and it didn't even show

you were there in my undoing,
in my sowing and my reaping,
but you were the one to take me
over a simple cup of tea,

you were there in that moment,
of which the making of it meant
I would always love you,
but when you handed me my tea
you didn't even know

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