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Monday, February 15, 2010

Pop Protégé Praises Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan pop protégé Emir has praised his employer in a recent interview published by Turkish paper Sabah.

Emir: "Tarkan is worth listening to"

Tarkan pop protégé Emir has praised his employer in a recent interview published by Turkish paper SabahIn female reporter Özlem Avcı's interview with Emir, he describes Tarkan as the only man in Turkey that can change his looks with style and originality.

In the report Emir says that he isn't just looking up to Tarkan, but he is learning from the artist, too.

"He helps me with my clothes and hair. He also tells me not to argue with anyone. He tells me not to be the same in my video singles, and not to sing the same songs. He tells me to break taboos. And being so lucky to have found someone like him, I listen to him...

"I really admire what Tarkan did for me. After us now everyone is trying to do the same thing. Tarkan had said to me, "We're going to be copied."

The pop newcomer also claims that Tarkan has told him he has song-writing capabilities, but that he doesn't see Tarkan as competition.

"I don't believe we're on the same level. Tarkan with all the best intentions just helped out another person in which he saw the same spark and intentions like himself ... [It's an] advantage to resemble Tarkan. It's only a disadvantage if that's all you've got.

"But if your songs are good, then it's okay. My third video single is doing well, too. It means I'm on the right path. Resembling Tarkan is only my starting point. People thought at first that was it. But I think we've surprised people."

Avcı writes in her report that the Tarkan clone is preparing for his second album, after catching the attention of Turkish pop listeners last summer with his Tarkan supported début "Ben Sen Olamam" from the record with the same name.

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