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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Press Snippets: Tarkan Around the Web

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

In another post of recent press snippets being circulated around the internet, Tarkan Deluxe summarises news stories that mention Turkish recording artist Tarkan for its readers.

Turkish Media Blog on Tarkan

Screencap of reportFollowing the effect of popular trends in Turkey - and Tarkan's impact on popular culture - Turkish media blog TarkanPLUS has posted that Tarkan's signature tune "Şımarık" (Ölürüm Sana, 1997) appears in a scene in the recent Turkish film "Neşeli Hayat" (It's a Wonderful Life), touted as the first Christmas movie ever in the history of Turkish cinema (see left pic).

Meanwhile on the subject of another "Neşe", the blog also posts that Turkish paper Hürriyet's variety section has published a gallery of celebrities and their mothers, with Tarkan and his mother Neşe making an appearance, too.

The gallery caption writes that Tarkan's mother doesn't miss any of her son's concerts.

Publicist's Tarkan Tweets

As previously reported on Tarkan Deluxe, US publicist Avo Yermagyan has been blogging about Tarkan's PETA ad on his Twitter account.

Amongst his posts, the publicist is tweeting that there might be more collaborative efforts between PETA and Tarkan in the future, whilst offering up readers to follow Tarkan's official Twitter account.

Although the Turkish press had reported that Tarkan doesn't in fact have a Twitter account, Tarkan Deluxe correspondent Mark Mayhey had published Tarkan's Twitter address last year - the same one Yermagyan is now following.

UPDATE: Tarkan changes Twitter account >>

US publicist and close friend Yermagyan had interviewed the Turkish recording artist for a US magazine spread in 2006.

In Other Reports

Elsewhere, while one columnist mentions Tarkan in a critique of the current Turkish government inviting exiled artists back to Turkey, another article talks of TV gaffes made by celebrities live on air.

Covering the incident of a panel judge recently swearing on live TV for the Turkish version of the talent show format "Got Talent", the report remembers TV gaffes of years past, including Tarkan's "pee remark" where he told a reporter live on air that he had to go pee when asked how he was feeling.

"[It was a matter] that was talked about for a long time," the article prints.

Screencap of reportMoving on, Tarkan has been mentioned on Hülya Avşar's talk show again, with a Turkish comedian reminiscing about the star (see left pic).

The overweight funny man said that in his university years they all copied Tarkan's style, and known for impersonating singing celebrities, Avşar pointed out to him that she had never heard him do an impersonation of Tarkan.

Replying that he hadn't either, he went on to do an impersonation of the popular artist, raising laughter from his host and the TV crew in the studio.

And in an article by M. Naci Bostancı for Zaman Online, the sociological development in Turkey is taken to task, with the argument that Barack Obama could be never become president in Turkey nor Michael Jackson become a Tarkan.

"It is not merely a matter of the differences in music or language, it is all to do with sociology. The heart, the way feelings are expressed, the different way a community's history of its nation is written as a whole brings out different nuances in the sounds they make.

"The words that touch them, their emotions, the love expressed and lost, the joys of the past that now bring nostalgic melancholia come to life with completely different ties," Bostancı writes.

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