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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Press Snippets: Wanting to See Tarkan

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tekirdag Council's poll for the artist to headline their cherry festivalThere is news just in that the city council of Tekirdağ has opened a poll for visitors to its official site asking which music artist they most want to see at their 46th annual summer cherry festival - with Tarkan heading the list (see left pic).

Tekirdağ is a city in Eastern Thrace, in the European part of Turkey, famous for its wine and rakı industries.

Meanwhile, columnist Bülent Cankurt writing in Turkish paper Sabah has mentioned Tarkan twice in recent posts.

The variety reporter writes that he has spotted Tarkan's old Jeep being used by a down-and-out jet-setter, and that recently married popstress - and self-confessed Tarkan fan - Demet Akalın will be organising a Tarkan concert under the production company she has just set up with her new husband.

Cankurt gives no details as to the concert, while Akalın last made the celebrity headlines with Tarkan in 2008 when she had publicly proclaimed she wanted to do a duet with the recording artist.

Akalın had then declared her displeasure to the press, after Tarkan refused to take her offer seriously.

And finally elsewhere in Sabah, Tarkan has been mentioned in a report concerning make-up artist Çetin Koyuncu, who - the report writes - had painted the "Indian Sun" tattoo on Tarkan for the cover of his 2008 Metamorfoz re-issue record.

Koyuncu also did the make-up for Tarkan on the music video to his 2008 song "Uyan".

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