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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tarkan Duets with East and West?

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Amr Mostafa's Q&A session with his fans throws up news about Tarkan
Amr Mostafa's Q&A session with his fans throws up news about Tarkan
As Turkish paper Hürriyet's Europe edition claims that a collaboration with Barbadian R&B recording artist and model Rihanna is imminent for a second Tarkan English language album, social site Facebook throws up the news that the Turkish recording artist may possibly be set to work with popular Egyptian singer and composer Amr Mostafa, too.

Mostafa's official site blurb describes himself as "the most popular composer in Middle East" since he started to compose for the region's prominent artists.

Rumoured stories about Tarkan planning to work with international artists is not uncommon - with most never materialising - but this seems to be straight from the Egyptian artist's own mouth.

Mostafa Talks Tarkan

On the Egyptian artist's official Facebook page is a question and answer session with fans posted on 11 February, in which one fan asked Mostafa whether he had ever considered working with the Turkish singer.

Mostafa answered that in April this year "a big concert in Germany" is currently being organised between Mostafa and Tarkan (see top left pic).

Although there has been recent reports of a German inquiry into a bogus Tarkan concert in March, the two stories seem unrelated at time of writing.

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