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Friday, February 12, 2010

Ten Things of Term

  1. Iran's post-election protest last year was called the "Twitter revolution".
  2. In a recent interview, singer John Mayer explained why he didn't date black women by comparing his genitals to "a white supremacist".
  3. A primary school in Britain has been criticised for banning Valentine cards to save pupils the "emotional trauma" of being rejected.
  4. Several teenage children have been suffering from panic attacks after an American horror film opened at Italian cinemas with no age restrictions.
  5. An Arab country's ambassador to Dubai had his marriage contract annulled, when he discovered the bride was cross-eyed and had facial hair after lifting the Islamic veil she had been wearing prior to the ceremony.
  6. A trawlerman is trying to trace the owner of a digital camera after it was hauled from the Atlantic seabed in his nets with the photos still intact.
  7. It is 20 years since the South African authorities agreed to free Nelson Mandela.
  8. Alzheimer's disease can affect people as young as 36 years old.
  9. Greece's national debt is currently more than four times higher than eurozone rules allow.
  10. Computers are increasingly in control of the cars we drive.

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