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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Two Just for One

Imagine Me

imagine waking up one morning
to discover your vision has gone,
you're in the darkness away from
the sunlight that once shone,
or from the shining light
                  of your precious sight
                  that showed you exactly
                  where you wanted to be;

imagine waking up one morning
to discover all words have gone,
the world is dumb and undone,
there is no way to speak out
feelings now left in hiding,
                  locked up deep inside,
                  there is no release
                  for an imprisoned memory,

and imagine waking up one morning
and all the music has gone,
no bird sings its song;
day breaks and there is silence
in the morning skies,
                  no human soul wakes
                  to fly on the wings
                  of another heart's melody:

just imagine waking up one morning
to the loss of such beauty,
so you, too, will know
what waking up without you
will mean to me.


There You Are

I don't need to look for you,
you're the perfect prayer
my heart knows instinctively
to wish upon,

even when you're not by my side
you're a song that sings
to me from afar, and you know
you're the only one,

you're some kind of north star,
because there you are in times of need:
giving guidance to a mind
too lost to go on,

you're a contradiction in terms,
because I'm lost in discovering you,
and I'm lost if I find
you've gone,

but mostly you're a sense of completion,
you're one of a kind; a fire of two
burning just enough of its fuel
for only one.

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