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Saturday, March 20, 2010

What Blessed Beauty Taught Me


my arms pressed around you
I whispered all the stories
I knew; of jewelled crowns
and fairytale princes
wishing to be wed,

blessed beauties dying for love,
love-tales wrought
with silken thread
by centuries of dreamers
like you and I, I said:

you gave me the chance
to breathe, and the courage
not to breathe with timid breath

you taught me to love the ugly
in me; that sleeping is not death
when you're in there with me


for hours we talked
as though in half-sleep,
flame on flame, and deep
on deep,

I weaved roses
into your hair, and kissed
your rosebud, wetted
with the lingering hand
of gossamer dew, I knew:

you gave me your beauty, taught me
how life is between accents
of earth, dew and fire

you baptised me in your scent,
you taught me how to see
stars and out-blink their lights


we ploughed
and furrowed through
in fields of sky,
squeezed the very juice
of the sun,

until like dew and time
we all must fade
into a lonelier hue,
we held each other still,

you taught me a secret melody
that sings to me every moment,
even if you should go away


stretched out on the grass we
watched the wind blow
the sky's cloud of her hair,
the garden had fallen still,

wearing night's veil, her face
blinking from the shadows,
the sun's red lips sang us
a love-song until stars
grew out of the air,

you taught me how the day
remains shining its light
even through the night

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