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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Press Snippets: A Career in Fame

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportsIn a review of other news articles doing the rounds that mention Turkish recording artist Tarkan, there are two pieces in Newsweek's Turkish subsidiary, while more local reports mention the singer in an indication of his popularity (see left pic).

In the Newsweek articles, Neal Gabler comments about Tarkan in general while taking fame in hand - and talks about the public's predilection for following celebrities, labelling it the greatest show on earth - as Bahar Kader writes more specifically about Tarkan's reported fall from grace.

Kader's write-up is a stinging account on Tarkan, claiming that his recent four days in police custody at the start of month following a drug bust could be just what he needs to revive what she calls "his flagging career".

<< Read about Tarkan's four day detainment by Turkish authorities here

Headlined "Why Did His Fame Come Back From the Brink?" she suggests that sometimes hitting bottom is necessary to renew oneself, and that this dark episode of Tarkan's will be a springboard for his continued fame.

Meanwhile, the editor of a local news portal for the Turkish province of Kocaeli wonders whether the local government will be able to succeed in getting Tarkan to participate in a festival, but concedes that after the drug arrest it will probably be almost impossible.

Other News Reports

Moving on, in Hürriyet, there is the news that Nil Özalp's first solo album, which the press had reported was set to be released last month, has been released, with the first video single filmed to the Tarkan penned track in the album.

Özalp - who had been mixed up in love rumours with Turkey's megastar - has given her album the name of the Tarkan track, titled "Acıkolik". Previous reports had claimed that the first video single from Özalp's début would be popular Turkish singer/songwriter Serdar Ortaç's song "Kalp Boş" (Empty Heart).

Elsewhere, an interview by Hürriyet female correspondent Ayşe Arman with singer Kibariye - who duetted with Tarkan in 2006 - reveals that another duet between her and Tarkan is on the books.

Arman had interviewed Tarkan in 2001, and in Dubai in 2006 when Tarkan had spoken of a crisis of trust between him and his home press.

And finally, in three other short reports, a Turkish portal for women has run an article that mentions Tarkan in regard to empowering themselves to get more out of life, while a female correspondent for celebrity portal Gecce on a recent trip to Bahrain writes that Tarkan is one of the top three Turkish imports over there.

The third is an article in Hürriyet about 2010 being the Japanese year of culture in Turkey, with a Japanese artist getting an ovation for a rendition of Tarkan's song "Gül Döktüm Yollarına" (A-acayipsin, 1994).

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