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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Press Snippets: Time for a Break

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

An article in Turkish paper Sabah today covers the topic of using celebrities in commercials, with top people from the Turkish advertising sector talking about the merging of brand names and blending the fine lines between art and consumerism.

Tarkan is mentioned in regard to his ad campaign selling Turkish citrus fruits to the Russian consumer last year, with Rauf Kösemen from agency Myra Ajans claiming that had Tarkan's drug bust happened a few years ago, Pepsi or Turkcell - two of Tarkan's previous sponsors - would have set up a "crisis team" to counterbalance any negative publicity.

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Kösemen is quoted as saying that no campaign can be described as a success, if the brand is completely tied in to the celebrity, while Amber Dilberoğlu for snack giant Frito-Lay - reminding readers of Tarkan's partnership with Doritos - says that if the consumer brand is not a strong one, attaching a celebrity to it would just create "a storm in a teacup".

Before Tarkan was taken into custody after an anti-drug sting in Istanbul, the recording artist had been credited for almost single-handedly reviving the Turkish citrus industry's fortunes in Russia with demand for goods rising by nearly half.

Elsewhere in Haberturk, two female correspondents have touched on Tarkan, with Esin Övet reminding her readers of Tarkan's plan to release a new album this year, while Pakize Suda comments on the rumour that Tarkan had composed some new songs whilst in police custody.

"Oh I get it, pop music is going to be saved from prison," she writes.

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