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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tarkan Loses Old Sponsor?

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportsIn a summary of more Tarkan coverage in the entertainment sections of the Turkish press, there is an article by a celebrity portal claiming that Tarkan has lost another sponsor due to the publicity over the anti-drug sting, while Turktime has published a second article about Tarkan's lawyer denying recent rumours of drug test results coming up positive (see left pic).

As Tarkan released a press statement yesterday through his lawyer to combat the news stories over alleged drug results coming back positive from blood and urine samples taken from the singer, Turktime has published an article writing that Tarkan's lawyer is refuting all claims of there being any such test done upon the artist by quoting parts of the press release.

Meanwhile, according to a celebrity portal, Tarkan has lost a "million dollar" contract with Pepsi to a TV actor due to the recent publicity over his arrest and long weekend in custody at the start of this month, and is suffering from depression as a result.

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There had been previous news printed in January over speculations Tarkan was in talks to sign up with his old sponsor the soft drink giant again. Pepsi had first signed up with Tarkan in 2001.

Sabah entertainment columnist Şengül Balıksırtı - a faithful member of the anti-Tarkan lobby in the press - has commented on Pepsi's apparent change of heart by saying it was the correct choice.

"When I first heard that "Kenan had replaced Tarkan" I though it was Kenan Doğulu. It isn't. The Kenan they're talking about is [TV actor] Kenan İmirzalıoğlu. That's great. They've come together with the right name, at the right place and time. Kenan is the new hero of women," she writes.

Male model turned actor - and currently starring in popular TV series "Ezel" - İmirzalıoğlu has been romantically linked with Turkish actress Zeynep Beşerler, who starred in Tarkan's video single to "Dudu" (Dudu/2003).

Screencap of reportAnd elsewhere, as Vatan headlines the news of Tarkan losing his Pepsi account whilst adding as a side note that Tarkan's lawyer had denied the existence of drug test results being circulated in the press, Tarkan is mentioned indirectly in one of its correspondent's columns, too (see left pic).

İclal Aydın has re-printed excerpts of journalist Yiğit Karaahmet's letter to his paper Akşam - including the complaint about Tarkan's "special treatment" during his time in custody.

Aydın comments on how she cried over Karaahmet's notes, but makes no mention that Tarkan's treatment might be because he is yet to be charged with any crime, while her friend Karaahmet has confessed to taking drugs and supplying to friends.

Praise for Tarkan Guitarist

And finally, female singer Pamela Spence has mentioned Tarkan in a recent report, as she has been working with Tarkan's guitarist Can Şengün on her recent album.

"And there's Can Şengün, one of our most well-known and talented guitarists. He's Tarkan's guitarist at the moment. He's had a lot of input in the album," she said.

Originally from Manhattan, Şengün has appeared on Tarkan's Ölürüm Sana (1997) and Metamorfoz (2007) albums, while also making the headlines in 2008 for being spotted out with a beautiful model after playing at Tarkan's concert in Wembley in London.

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