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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Tarkan Under Close Scrutiny?

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportsAfter the fallout of Tarkan's detainment by police authorities in Istanbul at the beginning of this month, some reports in the press claim that Tarkan is still on trial in his professional life (see left pic).

Turkish paper Akşam, quoting paper Vatan as its source, claims that the singer was scheduled to perform at the annual police officers' ball in Istanbul, but due to the recent events of his detention after a drugs raid, the force decided to replace the singer with someone else.

The report writes that Tarkan wanted desperately to sing at the April 9 ball, after being taken in for questioning, but his offer to still sing at the police officer's evening was refused.

The article says that Tarkan has now shut himself away in the studios to work on finishing a new album, which he hopes to be out by the end of April.

"Keeping a Close Eye on Tarkan"

Meanwhile, paper Milliyet's financial sections has published an article writing that Tarkan's contract with the Citrus Promotion Group, in part of their campaign as the face of fresh citrus products exported from Turkey to Russia, is under close scrutiny by the executives who will decide whether or not to continue their working relationship with the recording artist.

A representative of the company has been quoted as saying that they "wish to continue their contract" with the singer, and are looking closely at the statistics to see whether Tarkan has lost his fanbase due to the drugs raid, or whether the support for the singer has strengthened.

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Adding that Tarkan was a rare commodity of singer and was worthy of another chance, "We are especially taking a close look at Russia to see how Tarkan is now perceived there. We have an agreement with Tarkan until the end of 2010, if he is still loved by the majority we will continue with him," the rep is cited as saying.

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