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Sunday, March 14, 2010

With Deepest Sympathy [2]

Sympathy Card

I have been told by one of our most faithful and long-standing readers in America, T in Texas, that her son's best friend who joined the military got killed by a car bomb in Iraq last week.

When supporting someone in time of grief, no words are ever adequate. Sometimes, simply saying we are thinking of you is possibly all we can do. It is never enough, because in such times nothing ever is.

My thoughts on the war in Iraq and the terrible consequences brought about by the Bush administration are clear to see by any one who makes a quick search of the blog. The actions of those men now out of power will reverberate through us for generations to come.

But that is too grand a speech for today's grief. Sometimes looking at the big picture makes us miss the smaller details: of the Iraqi children that have died, or of families forever decimated, or of young American boys dressed in the colour of their military and the dirt of a different soil, trying to do their job as best they can.

With each meaningless death, we become a little smaller. This is why we must come together in such times. If we cannot feel for a innocent young American boy dying on a tour of duty, we cannot feel for the Iraqi children that have been a casualty of this war, too.

Whatever the reasons for a twenty-year-old boy going to war, he died for something he believed in.

If nothing else, that is worthy of tribute.

For only the blog's second time in its history, in respect to the memory of all those who have fallen divided in war so that we may stand united in peace, but first and foremost in respect to a good friend who has lost someone dear to her, this blog will see a one day silence.

My prayers, our prayers, are with you, T. Always.

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