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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Your Comments and Letters

Here's a selection of emails we've been getting in at the blog; replies have been given where necessary. Names have been initialised for privacy purposes unless permission has been given to print in full.

T in Texas writes:

Thank you for the lovely tribute on the blog. Have shown it to [my son] and he's going to show it to [the late boy's] family. Going to be a full military funeral [and my son] has the honour of walking behind the casket and making a speech along with 2 of other friends, we will all attend. You should see the beautiful tributes around here friends and family have put out. Thank you for being there.‏

Loved the poems about Paris. The hotel seems to be the same one I stayed with on honeymoon with my first husband ...

Anyhow I have been quiet about the Tarkan arrest. [I feel he has] abandoned his fans for years expecting us to always love but [it has been] over a year ... without a word on his official site ... He's messing up hope he sorts out his drug problem.. He doesn't seem the same person since his split from Bilge...

Will I buy his next album? ... for the first time in 10 years so not sure. Just under 2 years ago I was sosososososo excited about seeing him... just a photo or a message on would help. Nothing to do with the drugs but just music and smile etc. Has he left it too late now? I maybe think he has.

My dearest T, I hope you all doing okay over there. All our thoughts are with you over here. As for Tarkan, I see where you're coming from, but there is a quote attributed to Marilyn Monroe: "If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best".

<< Read more quotes

I know Tarkan doesn't make it easy, because he is so distanced from his fans, especially now in this time of social networking where there are so many opportunities to get closer, it can feel like he is saying this in name only. For example, Sertab Erener is really active on her Twitter account.

But if we love someone, we take the thorns that come with roses. If we can't take them any more, then maybe it is time to move on to other musical pastures. It's a personal choice.

But what's important at this time is you and yours getting through this particularly tough period. You are in my thoughts. Always.


M.E from Iran writes:

Hello, I'm from Iran. I really love Tarkan and your blog and really sorry about Tarkan's latest detainment. I read your blog everyday and I like it. Yesterday I saw an article from Adelind Osmanli that Sabah reported that the young in Iran listen to Tarkan. I have to say YES. Tarkan have many fans here in Iran. There are many Persian fanblogs for Tarkan and I am one big fan here. I am not an Azeri or Turk here just for u to know.


M.C from Canada writes:

[Your] website is fantastic and I applaud you. You have done a great service to the world. On behalf of all Canadian girls who love him, thank you x a million for your time and effort with 'Tarkan DeLuxe' and keep up the amazing work!


P.T from Germany writes:

Is it me but your poetry is something unique, original, I never read so amazing work. Only Ali could turn the Turkish word for rain into the French word for love! Bravo! You see so many connections in things we just pass by, but thanks to your poetry, you make us stop and look, and we see things we wouldn't have seen there before.


S.S from the UK writes:

I am one of those that came across your poems first before your blog introduced me to Tarkan. It felt like I had missed the world's best kept secret when it came to him, so thank you for that! But it is your talent that sets your translations apart, it makes a big difference when an artist's works are translated by another artist.


Omer Ozbey from France (currently in Ireland) writes:

I wanted to thank for your fantastic poem you wrote concerning Paris. As I have been for months away from France, I felt for a moment back in France.. What a declaration of love for a woman throughout your text. I was for a while back in the narrow streets of France with its wonderful capital and way of living.

But your text brought me back to the past and reminded me of someone who has lived here too. A 26 year old, young, dynamic, Turkish singer guy, with two kisses who charted number 3 in France and whose song was awarded by the best pop selling single in 1998.

Everywhere his songs were played on TV, on the streets. Everyone could see his name in front of the Olympia concert place. Yes, I am speaking of course of Tarkan who was for a while a "Parisien" too from 1998 until 1999. I wrote that because I want Tarkan to come back here and at least to give a concert to his French fans. Still French people ask me "When will we see a new album of Tarkan in France?" I have been saying for twelve years "Don't worry, he will be back soon."

So when will it be the next time?


N.H writes:

I am typing this email because I wanted to have some connection with your website which I came across many months ago and it has become the first electronic page I check out every morning -of course- to see whats new with our megastar Tarkan and also to enjoy reading your other different sections.

I would like to thank you for your great efforts to provide all we want to know about the popstar and your almost daily news update.

I keep on reading your quotes as I consider them a kind of pure wisdom ... I am still finding intelligent ideas and thoughts through which it's clear that you are an open-minded person with vast knowledge. Moreover, your poems have shown that you are a talented one as well.

You have made me (and the other non-Turkish speakers who love Tarkan) a great favour by your translations that helped me getting a deeper idea how beautiful songs he sings, the songs that I've been in love with, just by his high sense to its lyrics and the nice music.

For sure, a diva as Tarkan can't be affected by the drug plight, and whether he is guilty or innocent we -his fans all around the world- will keep admire him for his wonderful music. After those shocking news of his detainment and such stuff.I simply played his tracks. It didn't take me much time to realize that a star with such masterpieces would come over this point as we've always used him to do in such conditions along his career.In my opinion, the most important issue is Tarkan to keep on his successful musical steps.

By the way,I liked the song "Alaturka" and your video with subtitles. Especially because I admire Turkey with its heritage and civilization and I enjoy reading your Turkish Culture part in your webpage as I find great pleasure getting more and more info about such a country with unique taste and interesting history.

Ultimately,thanks that you are giving me -and everyone joining your blog- the chance to send comments and opinions about what we read on your blog. Keep going!


K.T.T from India writes:

Thank you so much for your English to the Alaturka song! You are the Tarkan of translations, really! I know people will copy your work and just change a some words here and there, I have seen this a lot, but thank you for having the courage to still share your treasured work with us Ali!

And I also love the way you explain things! You made it so clear to me about the drug thing, and you are so right! It is only his music that really matters, no one who make such songs can be a bad person I think.

<< Read about Tarkan's four day detainment by Turkish authorities here

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