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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Four Questions from the Box

Here are four questions from readers out of our in box recently; replies have been given to the best of my ability. Names have been initialised for privacy purposes.

A.S writes:

I am aware of Tarkan's main eras

Yine Sensiz (December 1992)
Aacayipsin (April 1994)
Olurum Sana (July 1997)
Karma (July 2001)
Dudu (June 2003)
etc etc....
but there was also a time when Tarkan sang songs with an orchestra on stage, and he had long wavy hair, wore a shirt with waistcoat (and there was more plumpness around his face and body). I was wondering which era was that and around what year was it?

TV shows and concerts between years 1994-1997In all probability the era you are talking about is between the A-acayipsin (1994) and Ölürüm Sana (1997) years. That was when Tarkan was in America, after the media stirred up a frenzy because he told one of their own he felt like taking a piss when the reporter asked how he was doing during a live televised event.

Your question is unclear on whether you meant a TV show or a concert. If it was concert footage (which I'm guessing it was), then it is most likely Tarkan's 1996 Aya Irini concert in Istanbul, which was aired on Turkish TV channel ATV.

If it's a TV show in the same period, then it was probably one of a series of TV specials of Turkish classical pieces, engineered by his then-manager Ahmet San to get the public on his side after the so-called "pee gaffe".


S.C from Pakistan writes:

The hitklip site is down. Is there an official channels on YouTube where I can watch Tarkan's videos?

We did link to the Turkish video site hitklip when it opened in 2008, as it was a legal video archive that paid full copyright fees for the airing of all its videos. It was completely free for visitors, as revenue was generated through embedded advertising. Naturally, we can't be responsible for external links, and they can expire over time.

As for YouTube, you might find an array of Tarkan videos at the video site. They sometimes get removed on copyright grounds by the major music association in Turkey, MÜ-YAP, which now has its own official channel on YouTube. There you can find many of the official videos that were previously on hitklip, including Tarkan's earlier works.

UPDATES: Tarkan opens his own official YouTube channel (2012) >>
MÜ-YAP closes its music channel over revenue dispute with YouTube (2014) >>

For example, a video single of Tarkan's 1998 duet with Turkish classicist Müzeyyen Senar can be viewed at MÜ-YAP's YouTube channel. Just use the search facility on its page to find Tarkan's videos.

Watch the video single with Senar on Tarkan's official YouTube channel here >>

I would ask users to respect the copyright of these videos and not to rip them from MÜ-YAP's channel to upload onto their own, as it is a violation and their account will probably be suspended if they are found out.

There are other legal sites where you can watch Turkish video singles, and of course Tarkan's videos, too. For example, some of the artist's music videos are available at the Turkish subsidiary of MTV.

See also: Where can I get Tarkan's music and videos?


L.P from England writes:

I'm new at this Tarkan idolisation thing! I love his videos to his tracks [Şıkıdım (A-acayipsin, 1994)] and [Şımarık (Ölürüm Sana/1997)]. Do you know what location those videos were located? I mean the second ones, I know the first ones were in Turkey.

I did not the know the answer to your question, but by pure coincidence another reader of ours, Omer Ozbey, provided us with it. So with heartfelt thanks to him, I pass on to you the information in his email to me:

Concerning the clip of Simarik, the clip was shot in France, in Marseille in September 1998. There was an interview with Tarkan at the time [on a show called] "Fan 2" on M6 channel. And there they were talking about the clip shot in the sunny city of Marseille.

Sikidim clip, the second one, was shot in Russia, in Moscow, in January 1999. Same thing I saw it on this program where a French fan was lucky to meet Tarkan during the shoot and she appeared in the clip too!

<< For more questions and answers about Tarkan see the Tarkan Q & A.


V.B from Brazil writes:

Would love to read more about your favourite songs from classical Turk songs and to hear more about Istanbul.

Although I might write about both topics from time to time, I am generally reluctant to do so, as there are so many better qualified people to talk on the subjects.

Throughout the years readers have asked me why I don't write about or put samples of some of my favourite Turkish classical pieces on the blog; it's simply because initiates really need to hear them in their correct setting. They have to be experienced with our own ears, not listened to through speakers that will probably make it sound distant and tinny.

A jeweller would prefer to show you diamonds in their right setting. It's the nature of the craft. So, too, talking about this genre, I feel, would be like ripping a diamond from its setting, throwing it in the cyber-mud, and then saying look there's a diamond. The untrained ear would probably hear a lot of squealing, and I don't feel I'd be doing it credit, as it's such an acquired taste.

Being biased, you'll have to forgive the melodrama (everyone should be allowed to have at least one melodramatic allaturca moment a month), but that is exactly what allaturca is: It's a form of therapy. It is a way to release pent-up emotions. It is a mood. A vibe.

And more than anything, this genre's correct setting is Istanbul. You won't catch the vibe anywhere better than the very soil where these songs have been composed for centuries. Now I will probably get people from Izmir, Bursa and the like email me complaining that's just not so, well it's all down to a matter of taste.

As for talking about Istanbul, I have done so in the blog - as have others - and my book Little Miss is set in the city, too. However, learning about Istanbul is similar to trying to get anywhere in the sprawling metropolis, it's quite a journey. It needs its own platform, and if you search the internet there are many valuable sites on the city: take your pick.

I can recommend portal My Istanbul, which holds interesting information as well as practical tips of what do do in the city.

One tip from me: Istanbul is large and the traffic is intense. If Istanbul was a person, and the roads its arteries, then it would have died a long time ago from clogging up. Various local councils try to resuscitate their own regions from time to time, but no definitive plan for the city's traffic problem has really worked so far. So, if you do go for a visit, keep that in mind as it can overwhelm you at first.

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