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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Holiest Temple


you locked me up, put me away
in a burning cage
for forty days, I only fed
on the few morsels
you chose to bring near;

                  you leaked through
                  my bars; lost in your waterways
                  you christened me
                  with such skills
                  I never knew I'd find,

you filled me as I drunk
from you, your phrases
whispered echoes in the ear,
almost kissing out the words
in fervency of prayer,

                  like a man in Lent,
                  Christ on a walk
                  through the desert of the mind,
                  or a body's starvation of the
                  Mohammedan kind,

you stirred in me
like Valhalla rising,
I, on the path of a Nirvana,
you made me a bulbous Buddha,
a molten of skin turned steel; growing.


you were a Bible I venerated
though didn't quite understand,
with each reading of you,
how you slipped further,
deeper into the mind;

                  how you made a believer
                  out of me, never to forget
                  the creator of a heat
                  that nears even when its maker
                  is far from sight or sound,

how taking a daily sabbatical
in the holiest of temples,
you healed my wounds
greater than the stitches
of time could bind,

                  you gave me faith
                  once blind; now seeing
                  as though for the first time,
                  I, the soul gospel singing
                  once lost, now found,

you even made suffering
seem spiritual in the burning
of my wick dipped in your fire,
leading to enlightenment
buried deep in your ground; sowing.

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