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Friday, April 30, 2010

Press Snippets: The Big Comeback

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Sabah runs the news on its frontpage
News of new Tarkan record on the
frontpage of Sabah
Turkish papers Sabah and Takvim also ran with the previously published news yesterday that Tarkan has shut himself away in his home studios to complete a new album, which the reports now say will be set for a June release date.

Picked up by celebrity portal Gecce and media portal Haberturk, too, Turkish daily Akşam had been the first to publish a longer account in which it was claimed that Tarkan had shut himself away in his home to concentrate on a new record, after enduring some tough times over a drug case with reports that he could be indicted to serve a two-year jail term.

"Bigger than Şıkıdım"

Screencap of reportMaking the front of Sabah's main page and its variety supplement Günaydın, the article online holds the signature of entertainment reporter Yüksel Yavuz - and although it has commanded both the frontpages - it is only two sentences long (see left pic).

Headlined as "Tarkan's Locked Himself in the Studio", the article writes that "Tarkan has locked himself away at his recording studios in Beykoz [in Istanbul] to throw off the effect of the drug case! The artist is working day and night on the album set to be released in June, and is seeing no one."

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Yesterday's front page of Sabah's supplement GunaydinMeanwhile, the front page of the paper edition of Sabah's Günaydın holds an extra claim about Tarkan's newest hit (see left pic).

Captioned at the top left hand corner of the published image of the singer is the claim that Tarkan's friends say that his new hit is bigger than "Şıkıdım" (A-acayipsin, 1994).

Elsewhere, paper Takvim has also run the news of an eagerly anticipated Tarkan release with a two-sentence report of its own.

While adding Tarkan in a gallery of celebrities that are defying the ageing process, "Leaving the bad days behind him, megastar Tarkan has currently shut himself away at the studios in Beykoz. Getting ready for a new album, he's grounded himself from going out," Takvim writes - without mentioning a release date.

Screencap of reportsMoving on from papers like Takvim, but continuing with the theme of a one-two sentence report is the mention of Tarkan's new release on micro-blogging site Twitter (see left pic).

The director to some of Tarkan's most popular music videos - including "Kuzu Kuzu" (Karma, 2001) and "Arada Bir" (Metamorfoz, 2007) - musician Metin Arolat has tweeted that his own album will be ready for the spring season in the Turkish music market - which got a response from the owner of Turkish dog-breeding social pet site HavlaTavla.

On the suggestion that Arolat leave his album until June due to all the other releases set to come out in May, the musician replied, "Why ... let it be a year filled with a variety of music ... there's still Serdar Ortaç and Tarkan to come ... it could be the most music filled year ever."

And finally, Bugün correspondent Aykut Işıklar, in his 30 April dated article, mentions Tarkan while taking a dig at his press colleagues.

"Some journalists think they're as famous as Tarkan," the caustic columnist writes.

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