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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Press Snippets: Tarkan Heats Up

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Screencap of reportsIn a look at the current news coverage surrounding Tarkan, there are reports on a new record release, inclusion in a news photogallery of artists that have ruined their careers and talk of Tarkan by Turkish artists and columnists (see left pic).

First up, Turkish paper Milliyet's variety section Cadde has posted an article from its entertainment news service that claims Tarkan's album is still on schedule to be released next month.

In amongst a list of other big name Turkish pop artists getting ready to heat up the summer for over 100 million Turks across Turkey and the Turkic nations, Tarkan has been said to have composed twenty songs in which he will select those to make the final cut of his release.

"Locking himself away to work with music producer Ozan Çolakoğlu at the DB studios in Kavacık in Istanbul for the past three months, Tarkan's album is going to come out in the middle of May. Having sung twenty songs from Sezen Aksu and himself, he will choose between these tracks," Cadde writes.

Meanwhile, in a report run by media portal's new celebrity section HTMagazin on female pop singer Nez's interview with FHM magazine, the Turkish dancing queen touched upon the legendary pop artist.

Talking of how she began her singing career in 2000, she said, "People like Tarkan ... were coming to listen to me sing even before I had released my first album," before proclaiming that Tarkan is the only male star in Turkey that "can perform, sing very well and dance great, too" for the men's magazine.

Elsewhere, in the column of Bağış Erten writing for left-wing paper Radikal, Tarkan is mentioned as the journalist takes a swipe at those in the media currently criticising popular Turkish footballer Arda Turan - who became internationally renowned after playing for the Turkish national team in Euro 2008.

"It's the same conservative mentality that has tried to calibrate [Nobel laureate writer] Orhan Pamuk, is irritated by Tarkan and [three-times Cannes Award winning film director] Nuri Bilge Ceylan..." Erten writes.

And finally, paper Hürriyet has added Tarkan in a photogallery of stars published last month, which it claims "ended their careers" with blunders.

Under a series of pictures from Tarkan's career, it captions the pee gaffe - although it mistakenly refers to the live TV event where Tarkan had made the misfortunate comment as a new year celebration, rather than the 1st anniversary gala of Turkish TV station ATV.

"This gaffe caused Tarkan to live abroad for a long period. Most recently, Tarkan has again been the topic of discussion when he was taken in for questioning as part of a anti-drug sting. The famous singer was released after four days in custody," the Hürriyet piece writes.

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